Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Xanadu Collection Part A: Gene Kelly

I just finished the first part of my skirt collection assignment, The Xanadu Collection.

The whole collection is based and inspired by the movie Xanadu.

In it a muse inspires both an artist from the Deco Era and one from the 1980’s.

The first part of my assignment is 3 evening/ cocktail skirts with a Deco influence.

The second part will be 3 day/cocktail skirts with an 80’s /punk/new wave flavour.

They all had to be in different fabrics.

For the evening ones, these ones I picked velvet, chiffon over satin , satin and chiffon over air, and satin.

I based my looks on the work of Poiret, Desses, Madeleine Vionnet and Adrian.

My models were loosely based on Louise Brooks, Veronica Lake and a young Joan Crawford.

One of the striking things about Xanadu are the colours. They are all the colours that I picked for my collections, pinks, fushias, purples, silvers, and zebra print...

So here are the photos...

I hope you like them....

It is pretty cohesive, I think...

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