Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy busy and 1st Sketch of the Sweeney Todd Collection

I am insane busy this week I have 22 flats to re-do and ink, 2 more full illustrations a 12 page research paper and a midterm to study for. That on top of a six-hour "battery" style job inteview on Tuesday.

So bear with me....

But meanwhile here is the first sketch of the "Sweeney Todd" collections...

This one is called "There's No Place Like London" and it's a skull-print organza off the shoulder blouse, tailored distressed corduroy paisley waiscoat and fall-front jean "breeches" . I also designed a satchel bag to go with it with bleeding rose ( the translation of my name in Romanian) and victorian spat stilletto booties.

.. me know what what you think..

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