Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Chemical Romance" By AD: The Curve and Our Fire

Many processes can be modeled. The language of mathematics, the rules of logic, the cunning of insight and the physics of time can produce fantastic models in which the outputs are a mere formality. Most models dealing with people or anything living, usually do not fit this description!

As complex as our mind and hearts are, we are born of this earth, breathe its air and toil on its soil. For models of our immune system, is it ridiculous to look at ants? or the maintenence of our genes by looking at how the highway patrol maintains roads?

The sciences have produced many interesting models. One such is that of the titration curve. The response, pH or ’interest’ , any ’action’ adjectives of this sort is on the y-axis, input on the x-axis. This input can be effort, volume of base, amount of love or time.. whatever your model has as its source.

The general description is as follows: a fairly shallow entrance, a steep ascent and a tail of ’classical’ aging. The shallow parts are due to the opposing forces that are present. The ratio of the two are directly proportional to the response. Since both change with approximately the same amounts (in the top and bottom of the ratio), there is a region where the ratio does not change much. If one uses a logarithmic scale, the effect is even stronger. This is known as the buffer region. Once this ratio has reached the point where very little of the opposing force remains... *POW* the rocket takes off and rapid change occurs until one reaches a new equilibrium and the tail occurs again.

And sooo... This model is quite appropriate for dating or meeting someone new. There is the initial inquiry phase. There are some people who are really strongly attracted at ’first sight’, they are the strong acid types. If they meet a ’first sight’ person and click, we would see very little of that opposing force and rocket occurs immediately.

But the cautious person, the weak acid, will want to find out more about this strong attractor. The feelings of compatabilitiy, sustainability will balance the lust they may feel. With the appropriate circumstances and an earnest ’strong’ type, the cautiousness can be used up and rocket away!

In the steep ascent, we may feel the unification of lust and love, appreciation and pleasure. But it will not last as the fodder is used up and a new equilibrium is established.

This new equilibrium is not the same as the start point. It is made up of what was present in the beginning, for sure, but has been transformed by our actions. It may set us with kids, a home, a divorce, jail.. you name it. That steep ascent may leave us in many places we could not see in the initial steps.

The ’strong’ and ’weak’ acid types can learn from each other. The ’strong’ can learn to slow down the initial courtship, listen to the resistance of meeting so fast. Learn the wisdom of the push away from someone new as you explore their world, passion and dreams. The ’weak’ acid types can learn to turn down the resistance a hair to enjoy the fruits of another without the reservations that may keep an acceptable lover away.

The models that we have produced in many sectors of reality can turn up in unexpected places to give unusual insight into the process of life.

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