Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Chemical Romance" by AD: Oxen and what can we learn from them?

There are several models out there that people many embrace for finding a good mate. The astrological model is one that we may not all be familiar with and is a good model to hoist up into the spotlight, for it can take the scrutiny.

With a resounding anti-arranged marriage sentiment here in the U.S., the call for 'let me make my own mistake!' rings loud and clear. Yet in the ancient ways, there was a reason for arrangements that was not necessarily related to concentration of wealth and power.

The astrological model consists of complements, while the dominant model (at least that I hear) is of matching equals. In the complement model when you are strong right handed, you would be matched with a strong left hand. In the present position of many, they want another strong right hand.

The frequent assertion is that one wants a 'best friend'. Yet the only friends one may have resembles them! How many times have we heard, 'oh we have soooo much in common!'? So it seems reasonable to conclude that the logical resolution of many is the pairing of equivalence, instead of complements.

This is where the analogy of the oxen come in. If one has one pair of oxen, with both right dominant shoulders.. the farmer will not plow straight lines. Also, if they are not complement in energy , the chorus of expended energy can not focus into the fertile ground. It works against them, less efficient.


We may see this in our relationships. Without the pairing of complements, we steer in circles or fight each other in disharmony. The difference between us is not inherently bad. It provides the balance to absorb all the energies of life and not only the common ones.

At a time when many people are looking for friends to pair with, it is quite extra-ordinary that people want copies of themselves. Truly exposing our inability to reach out to those different than us and see that it is diversity that makes one stable!

There is a tremendous release of energy when we pair, it is hard to argue here. Yet, IS it better to look into anothers eyes and see much of oneself.. or another person who forces one to look inside themselves and possibly see themselves differently? Growth and full exploration of the dimensions of life can be revealed in an opposite.

The complementary relations in many areas of life can provide the balance missing with two equals. The balance can provide the steering necessary for the movement forward of both parties, the lack of it can track circles of the most un-inspiring sort.

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