Friday, November 6, 2009

Blogging Project Runway: Channeling Bobby DeNiro

There are times I am so angry, despondent, tired and sad I cannot muster the energy to speak in complete sentences. My speech becomes monosyllabic. Me and my personal
assistant call that my Bobby DeNiro moods, named thusly after how Robert DeNiro was portrayed as talking in the Saturday Night Live "The Joe Pesci Show" sketches.
After writing about high-yield purification methods for DNA and RNA and total protein for use in real-time PCR, RT (reverse transcriptase)-PCR and SDS-PAGE and Western blotting and watching last night's episode of Project Runway, I was square at the corner of "Casino" and "Goodfellows". What happened last night with Gordana's beautiful dress was so FOUL I wanted to tell Heidi Klum off in my best gangster style.
So here is what happened ...
Please forgive the verbal paucity... I still have 2 more documents to write about that mind-stultifying basic science stuff. These are the times that send me running back to writing about acne and thinking it is "fun". Seriously, there is not enough money and financial security in the world they can offer me that would make 3 or 4 years of writing about lab techniques, palatable. I did the stuff when I did it because it was a means towards an end but this stuff, every day? HELL NO!
By the way the challenge (similar to that of past seasons) was to go to the museum (in this case the Getty in LA) and be inspired by something in there or around there and make a great look that would determine who would go to Bryant Park.
Here is what happened:

Inspiration: Getty architecture

Good inspiration. I like nice building too. Horrible execution, ugly outfit. She goes Bryant Park. WTF? If this go I can too with ugly orange MC Hammer pants I did.

Carol Hannah:
Inspiration: Baroque bed-decorative arts

Rococo baroque bed pretty. Dress looked nothing like bed but was pretty and well- sewn, but a little boring. She goes Bryant Park too.

Inspiration: Rock Fountain with algae.

I like unusual too. As much as next dude. I loved Andrae's "Dirty Water" dress. This NO "Dirty Water" dress. This construction paper cone with green crayola scribbles.
Nice boy go bye-bye. Nice boy should have gone bye-bye WAY before Epperson and Ra'Mon and Shirin.

Inspiration: Godward’s “Mischief and Repose.”

Nice sapphic painting. Ugly, dowdy, randomly, unnatractively styled dress that says nothing. Girl goes Bryant Park.

Inspiration: "Cathedral" Monet Painting (Thank you Tom+Lorenzo)

Absolutely beautiful, soul stirring, "I felt God breathing through me" ,garment with most emotional impact of the whole season in manner of Jay's "Chrysler Building" dress and Andrae's "Dirty Water" dress and Chris and Christian Siriano "Avant-garde" dress. Dress that will be remembered 5 years from now and named with the top creations in the show. Wonderful, talented, admirable woman is unjustly sent home without good explanation or chance or run-off like Chris March and Rami Kashou.

Me join choir: FUCK YOU Bunim/Murray.

That's all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

LA Opera Costume Sale

This is too fabulous for words!!!!
James St. James from the Freak Show shows off all the goodies at the LA Opera Costume Yard Sale... Drool....the video has surprise appearances by LA glitterati..
God, I miss LA...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pride Atlanta 2009 Images and A Little Fashion/Costuming

The Pride Parade and Festival took place in Atlanta Saturday the 31st and the 1st of November in Midtown ( the gay area of Atlanta).
I am practicing and learning how to take photographs, especially in motion, and how to edit them and add effects and try to rescue BAD photos through those means.
Here are some images from Pride Atlanta 2009...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gogol Bordello and The Rebirth of Punk Gypsy Soviet Chic

I have been in a funk. And that is a HUGE understatement. The corporate world, recruiters, bosses, PTSD from the constant paranoia of KNOWING that someone is going to backstab you and the threat of poverty and homelessness and the proverbial Damocles sword of losing your day job (which allows you to eat and have a roof over your head) perpetually hanging over you. That is the horrible reality of working in the modern corporate world. 5 years into our careers and we are all like walking Reinfields. The fact that I am not on psychotropic medications and I am free of substances of abuse and I am not compulsively munching on insects is a testament to my strength of character. 90% of people in the corporate world ARE on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anxiety medication, sleeping pills, do drugs, drink too much or are sex addicts. And trying to get a new job is worse. You have to submit to proctological, insultingly invasive "investigative consumer reports" where your prospective employers want access to everything in your life from your credit score (why is it any of their business?) to you D in PE (why the hell do they care?). All of these things have turned my nerves into string cheese and completely asphyxiated my creativity and inspiration. And that is not an easy thing to do. That little light of mine sparkles like a disco ball. But lately, I've been feeling like a candle with its wicker about to give out.
I needed something to bring me color and joy.
So last night I took myself to see Gogol Bordello. I love the hell out of this band.
The show was incredible and the music and mood full of energy, theater, and that sad, funny, angry and unapologetically cool vibe that accompanies Eastern European anything.
Eugene Hutz is a gifted show man, artist and performer. And he rocks a handlebar mustache like no one's business. In 2009.
I love the whole band, the Sergey's absolutely beautiful tzingane violin, the fierce percussion chicks in their guerilla cum Sporty Spice get ups...The Spanish rap by Pedro Eraso brings me back to my Mexico City Latin urban punk roots.
I was standing next to two extremely tall Polish guys and we were jumping like crazy dancing, feeling the music, soaked in the energy of the crowd.
Here are some photos of the concert and the band:

I fell back in love with this band after I saw Madonna's directorial effort "Filth and Wisdom":

The idiot critics did not really get it, but I loved this movie because it is all about accepting yourself and your life and squeezing every minute of joy out of it and living without regrets. Self- hate and self-denial in Western culture have become the norm. You perpetually have to wear a mask of conformity and discipline as if we all were some sort of masochistic capitalism zombified Jesuit monks. I refuse to participate and Gogol Bordello joins me as a soundtrack to self-acceptance, hedonism and celebration of the sweet and sour of life.
The music of this band inspires me plenty.
How about taking your sequined leggings or boyfriend jeans or tuxedo pants and a plain black t-shirt and paring them with this:

All spiced up with some of these:

(All Loulou de la Falaise at

Or a pair of plain black leggings, these boots by Loulou de la Falaise($109.90 at

this t-shirt ($20.00 at Mr. Pitt online store:

With a black leather blazer or shrunk denim jacket and perhaps the Alexander McQueen skull scarf? or substitute the leggings for this skirt by Fashion Overdose:

And add a pair of black ballet flats?
I think it's absolutely Multi-Contra Culti....