Thursday, April 3, 2008

Norma Kamali Plus : Yes, Oh, Yes ...

One of my favourite designers in the whole world, the 80’s mainstay and innovator who is credited with inventing many popular designs including the sleeping bag coat, a collection of styles created from actual silk parachutes, high heeled sneakers, and the popular packable, multi-use poly jersey clothing that can be worn in up to thirty variations per design and also popularized the use of cotton jerseys in daywear in the 1980s just lauched a capsule line available at Nordies ( Nordstrom’s).

I am a big fan of Kamali because of her innovative use of fabrics, multi-purpose garments ( kind of PR Elisa’s but well done) and body conscious silhouettes..

Here are pics from the collection...

Norma Kamali Dolman Sleeve Cardigan (Plus)

Norma Kamali Drape Neck Halter Band Top (Plus)

Norma Kamali Wide Leg Pants (Plus)

Norma Kamali Open Front Hooded Riding Jacket (Plus)

Norma Kamali Side Drape Dress (Plus)


I love the draped top and the wrap dress :-)

This is progress in the right direction.

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