Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blogging Project Runway: Chicken A La King, Indeed!

I predicted that how long ago?

I saw that coming how long ago?

Thank you!

My full review of all the final collections for those of y'all who don't want to dig are here

and here

But the result was extremely predictable. I think it was partially fair because his was the most interesting and cohesive of all three final collections. On the other hand I thought Sissybear's was FAR, FAR more aethetically pleasing, innovative and in-touch with what is happening right now with the fashion that really matters.

By the way has anyone seen Victor & Rolf's latest collection?

Compare that to Sissybear...


But anyways.... it's all about Christian....

Yeah, it was nice.

There was some of this

Times 3, and then some of this

and some more of this other stuff....

It was nice, beatifully made and cohesive. Truly beautiful and admirable from such a young designer.

I hope that in the future he learns to design for a wider audience and refines and defines his vision to do his great promise and talent, justice.

So all in all, well done Christian! But I am not surprised at all.

Post-Scriptum... I mean, it is to the point now, that the show and the franchises of it are such a formula, that I can predict the outcome as soon as I see two episodes. It is almost like card-counting at the Black Jack table at Cesar's Palace in Vegas...
As far as the judges go, I am sorry but Skeletor Botched Surgical Tranny Job Married to Overrated-Yet- Hunky Soccer Player? Come the hell on!!!! (BTW has he not heard of "The Bone is for the Dog, The MEAT is for the man?")
The woman probably did not pass her A levels. She cannot sew a stitch. She cannot sketch. She "designs" jeans for Rock and Republic that even Lane Bryant knocked off(I have those, and Nick Verreos and Robert Best met me when I was wearing them, and a Vivienne Westwood corset t-shirt). She has not studied fashion design, or fashion history, or even styled or edited. Why the hell is her judgement a) valuable b) in any way qualified?

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Joan said...

I hated Christian's last dress. It looked like runny poop. Had he used other colors, maybe it would have been more aesthetically pleasing (and I LOVE browns, creams, etc).

We all knew it would be Christian, or maybe even Rami (if he'd pulled his head out of his ass long enough to stop draping earlier in the show). But Christian really was the one to beat, especially after not getting the boot in the prom challenge.