Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fashion Sketch: Original Design- The "Tina" Jean

I just finished a new sketch and I documented the whole process.

This one is an assignment for my sketching class and we had certain parameters.

The assignment was to design an original jean that contained leopard print and blace lace as a trim or inset or godet and that had to have a lace top. The jean had to be a flare and in the blue range ( no black, grey etc... denim)

The parameters made the challenge ripe for stripperishness and tikety tack and to come up with stuff that looked like this

or like this...

Sometimes, I seriously put in question the taste level of my teachers...

But ok, a good designer is able to turn out something great even under the worst of circumstances, right? That is the whole premise for Project Runway after all.

So I went to the only other place one could go to for leopard and denim and lace and that was NOT tacky and strippery: Rock and Roll.

And of all rock and roll ladies who is the fiercest? Yes, my inspiration the epitome of flawlessness herself, Ms. Tina Turner.

My inspiration for this sketch was Tina Turner in the 1980’s , The "Private Dancer" period with the SERIOUS hair.

We also had to document our samples. That means that we had to get pictures of the fabrics and trims and use them as references...This are mine

My denim, a classic medium wash

My lace

And my leopard print...

My silhouette was inpired by 1940’s pants like the the ones Kate Hepburn used to wear ...So here are is my sketch as I progressed through the process..

Here is the figure with the skin tones , hair , outline of the jeans , ribbed cotton tank top, and leopard details in...

Then I added the shadding and colouring for the jeans and the grain of the fabric...

Then I added the lace, the stitches and her red pattent leather Christian Louboutin shoes... What else could Tina possibly wear with that oufit?

Since Tina is a Buddhist I also added an oversized Ohm pendant, a hammered gold bangle and some large, hoop earrings...

I hope you like it :-)