Friday, March 21, 2008

Toronto Fashion Week: Lucian Matis A/W 2008

The boys at Project Rungay did a fantastic job of reviewing Project Runway Canada’s winner Evan Biddell’s collection which opened Toronto’s L’Oreal Fashion Week for A/W ’08.

I am personnally partial to PRC 1st runner up’s aesthetic, the exquisite and almost painfully beautiful, Lucian Matis. He has the face of a Renaissance angel and the body of a ballet danseur noble. And he is an INCREDIBLE designer to boot and one of the few people in North America that designs what can be described as couture, if the definition of Haute Couture was not as narrow as it is.

His collection for PRC was beautiful and femenine and had a Romantic and almost Belle Epoque feel to it , full of ethereal florals and crocheed details that were at the same time, sweet and surprising.

For A/W 2008, Lucian Matis’s proposition and inspiration, as seems to be the general trend, were darker and veered towards the Gothic. A little "Sweeney Todd" and a little Katherine Hepburn.

Lucian, showed some absolutely beautiful tailored pieces, and I was particulalry impressed by the drape and cut of his trousers.

He also showed some stunning and decidedly retro coats that were reminiscent of Cinema Noir and my favourite piece was a sheer-shouldered jacket that was not only innovative but truly, inspired.

Without further due, here are the photos from the collection

I ADORED this jumper look...So Helena Bonham Carter.

This piece with the organza and the beading and the fit... Pure genius..

Look at the drape of these pants and the insane beading work...

This was a dark and haunting collection, but it retained Lucian Matis’s signature Romanticism and love of the female form.

I personally can see a definite evolution and maturity in this collection and I look forward to seeing his work continue to dazzle.

Photos by James Ogilvie ( and www. avicdar. com) -Toronto, ON, Canada :-)

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