Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Favourite Obsessions

I have been scouting out cool things and here are some of the things I have fallen in love with...

A super cool, hip, affordable and fun jewelry website called (

Here is some of their stuff that I am totally crazy about...

To start with the MOFO necklace

Just for when you need to celebrate how you feel about the current political administration...

The Banana necklace

For those day when you need a fond memory or potassium to keep you going:-)

And for a shot of retro coolness, and particularly because of the Disco ressurgence trend for the fall , I LOVED these super groovy Zodiac Earrings:

I am showing the Taurus in Gold because it’s my sign, but they have all signs in both gold and silver for the bargain price os 6.99 :-)

Anna Scholtz Pinstripe pleated skirt...

I do not know if this skirt is available in the US but I found it at the mega- rocking UK-based site sosienna (

It’s the skirt in my "What we want" Polyvore set and it looks like McQueen :-)

This the the kind of stuff I look for in’s available up to a size UK 28 which is like a US 22.

I am also loving the new Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers

And Twizzlers

The Rainbow Twist Brand Of Twizzlers

They are fun and delicious and they put a smile on my face.

I am also crazy in love with my UGG Cardi boots

They are comfy and warm and fabulous. I got mine in the denim exact match colour that goes with all of my denim.

And you can wear them scrunched or tall and they stretch for those of us with Clysdale calves :-)

I am highly coveting ( but cannot afford right now) the ADORABLE Tokidoki for Hello Kitty line ... It is beautiful... I have a birthday coming up but none of my relatives are hip enough ( or profligate enough) to get it for me...

Also I am cookie flippy over the markers we use for sketching for my class... Prismacolor Premier. They are awesome... You can do TONS of cool effects with these...

I am also totally digging Tom Tierney’s Fashion History Paper Dolls as a cool point of reference ...

Great stuff , eh?

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