Saturday, March 15, 2008

Plus Size Fashion News and The Glamazons

I went shopping this afternoon to Diego’s Fat Girl Mall. That is what I call Mission Valley Mall because unlike Fashion Valley, they have a Torrid, A big Lane Bryant, a plus whatever store, and you know Macy’s and Lohman’s and Nordstom Rack which also carry plus clothes on top of a very good Target. At Fashion Valley there is only the lone tiny cheesy Lane Bryant and Penney’s and Nordstrom’s and the tiny, hideous , sad attempt at a plus department that Bloomingdale’s made was closed after 6 months mostly because their buyers BLOW. They think that plus women want to look like 48 year old schoolteachers in Boca Raton. Have thy not realized that the successful plus brands and labels are the ones that cater to a YOUNG demographic like Torrid?

I went to Target and got a couple of really cute things...

I got an adorable bracelet that looks exactly like a Chanel one I saw and another one that went on sale from the Dominique Cohen Collection and some cute Nick and Nora cupcake pijama pants...

I went to Torrid and got something that is ordinarily a little past my Goth-comfort level because I thought I could not get away with it but I have been wanting some for a while... bondage pants.

They actually look pretty great on me. I am thinking of wearing them with my skully Chuk Taylor’s , a Vivienne Westwood or Ed Hardy t-shirt and that’s that...

A cool thing about Torrid is that they have made The Glamazons ( if you remember them from "America’s Got Talent", they are AMAZING) their face this season. Golly, those girls look GREAT!!!!!

Glamazon News

Glamazon News - Torrid Catalog Shoot

They also sang with Mika, you know, from the song "Big Girl You Are Beautiful".

They are fierce, fabulous and flawless and I don’t give the three f’s lightly...

I also went to the Lane Bryant that I usually avoid because when I go there I get frustrated and depressed.

I really wanted to try on a pair of their new "Right Fit" jeans since I have been hearing rave reviews from chicks thoughout the Fatosphere.


I am a MORTAL fit. I have more curves that the Mexico City-Toluca Edomex freeway. I have a 13 inch difference between my waist and hips and my tighs are THICKE like that. And I have a GHETT-O bloomin’onion. Since most jeans are cut for people with narrow hips or thick waists pants NEVER fit me. At best they fit my hips and I have to have them tailored so I don’t show my Dorito ( that is what my family calls my thongs) to the world. On top of it I have a 31 ’ inseam which is not that usual. For some reason clothes manufacturers think we all are 5’11. I am on the slighly above average side at 5’8-ish but 31’ is amply sufficient, since I never wear heels because of my knee injury. Just pretty much tricked out kicks, flats, and UGGs.

I tried on a pair of Blue ( curvy) 3 Petites and they fit as good as the ones I had custom-made. I don’t want to take the suckers off. They fit impecably and for 40 bucks they are a bargain. And I wore them out of the store like that. No hemming, no tailoring, NOTHING. So if you wear heels or are above 5’9 by all means, the regular should be perfect and they are also available in Tall.

The fit is seriously impeccable and my tushie looks lucious and there is no Dorito on sight.

So the "Right Fit" jeans get a big, enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

I also checked the Jovovitch-Hawk line for Target’s GO International and it is even more tragic than Patrick Robinson’s and that is saying something. Like cheap tourist clothes from Puerto Vallarta or something. Not even worth reviewing.

All in all I had a great day. I also checked out the movie "The Other Boleyn Girl" which has to die for costumes.

Toronto Fashion Week starts next week and I will be reviewing it. I am particularly excited about Lucian Matis’ collection.

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