Sunday, March 16, 2008

Period Costume Sketch : "The Other Boleyn Girl"

I had to go see the "Other Boleyn Girl" for my Fashion History class and the assigment was to draw a sketch of one of the movie’s costumes and write and review of the costume design and the movie in general.

I just finished my sketch and I wanted to share it...

I choose one of the dresses that Natalie Portman wears for her character of Ann Boleyn when she comes back from exile from the court of the French Queen...

Here are the photos of her in the dress..

And here is my sketch...

I really tried to make her look like Natalie Portman up to the mole...

I strived to capture the different textures in the different fabrics in the costume: The taffeta, the embroidered silk damask/brocade and the velvet in the sleeves and of the jeweled trim in the bodice and all the details in her jewelry... Let me know what you think...


Joan said...

Sorry to jump topics to leave you this comment, but I absolutely HATE Fashion Valley for the same reason you do. Mission Valley is so much better.

Glad you found jeans that fit. Like you, I have a hard time finding bottoms to fit my ample...well, bottom. They never get the rise right. But Lane Bryant's Right Fit is right on!

Have you ever found anything that fits at that other plus size store? Because my bosom is so big, I can't fit into any of their clothes. At least I couldn't the last time I was in there. Seems like everything was sized for plus size juniors.

Anyhow, glad you had a successful shopping trip. Thanks for keeping up big girls informed!

Milla said...

No problem!
Thank you for the comment.
I am loving the Right Fit jeans. The blue is awesome and the only issue I have encountered is that they stretch significantly on wear.
But I am going to see what they do in the wash because my experience with LB denim is that is shrinks A LOT upon washing so I am keeping an eye on it.
I have not bought anything from the "random" plus store. I seriously cannot remember the name. I have been in there a couple of times, but the quality turned me off.
Since I am a designer and stylist, I am a STICKLER with a capital S for quality and fit. I mean, if my teachers demand perfect seams and impeccable fit of me and I am just learning, I should expect much higher from people in industry, after all it is THEIR job I am after, you know?
I am a bit of a junior plus because I am so severely hourglass shaped so I have a bit less trouble sith tops.
But a couple of things that have worked well for my very well endowed friends have been the following:
1) Buying t-shirt and sweaters at the men's department. You can find great quality and luxury fabrics like alpaca and cashmere and they go up to men's XXL sometimes.
2)Sometimes we overlook the importance of a GREAT bra. That might help tops fit better.
3) Certain shapes like wrap or v-neck are a much better and flattering fit for ample chests.
You are most certainly welcome.
I did not know you were in Diego!
We should hang out sometime :-)

Joan said...

I meant to include a comment on your great sketches. Please forgive my obvious ommission the last time. I like! And I like that you posted somethig green for St. Patrick's Day.

I definitely try to wear a good bra when trying on blouses. It makes all the difference in the world. My girls like to ride high and only a good bra will get there where they need to be. I've found the Cacique bras to be the most flattering. Yes, I'm an LB gal all the way when it comes to bras.

Not only is the fit off on the clothes at that random plus store, but I agree with you on the quality issue there. everything seems "chip, in a chip way". They don't get my money. Not a cent.

The Venezia jeans have been good to me, but the Right Fit is even better. The stretch does seem to stretch a bit too much if you wear the pants more than once, so frequent trips to the washing machine are definitely in order (hate to do it if I've only worn the pants for an hour or so, but I've always had that problem with stretch fabric pants).

Yes, I'm in San Diego. Poway, to be exact. I'm downtown often enough though. Feel free to email me at joanhunt at any time and we'll talk.

Milla said...

Thank you!
My favourite bra brands s right now are Felina and Curvations. Felina is sort of chichi and hard to find and Curvations is from the Walmart.
I have a ahrd time finding bras because I am like the world' most popular size 38DD. I can never find ANY bras at any price range. That size is always sold out.
Yep, the random store sucks. Tehre was a store at Mission Valley I kind of loved called D.e.m.o but I think they are going out of business. They are not a plus size store but they are like an "urban designer" store with a lot of the hip hop brands like Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms and they carry Tokidoki, Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy in larger sizes. Well at least their L and XL which I can squeeze myself into.
The old Venezia Jeans sucked for me. They were too small on the thighs and hips and when I got some that fit my hips the waist was ginormous and like Michael Kors says, the crotch was INSANE. They gave me a bizarre package that looks like codpiece.
So I resorted to the Target to a T custom clothing service. Yep, they used to make custom jeans. But they discontinued that :-(
So The Right Fit ones are a Godsend.
I am going to see what shape they come back in from my laundering service in TJ.
I am in Hillcrest, so if you want to go for coffee or shopping or whatever when you are in town, hit me up :-)

Joan said...

Being a 40 or 42DD, I have a hard time finding bras that support ATTRACTIVELY. I don't know who makes half the bras out there, but they can't seem to get sizing down. The cups are out of proportion, and they have extra little poofs at the tips. Like that's attractive! Or they dig into you with horribly uncomfortable underwires. Sheesh!

I'm glad YOU are going to be designing clothes for real women. You give me hope that someday there will be items I'm going to want to hold close and admire, to wear until they can't be worn any longer. Why is it so hard for designers to give us that now? Oh well, it's probably for the best since I can't afford anything good right now anyway. But I still like to dream about beautiful clothes that actually fit, no matter what size I am.

I will definitely give you a heads up next time I'm down in your area. Hopefully you'll have a few minutes free. I would love to meet you. Kanani from the PRG site is also hoping that we can all get together sometime and that works for me, too.

Anonymous said...

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