Friday, February 8, 2008

Blogging Project Runway: Sweet Funny Valentine Part Deux

So here is TAG Rami's:

Anything you did not expect?

Nope, me either...

And now chick... Sorry force of habit, Monsieur Christian Siriano of Baltimore, MD

A little too McQueen/Galliano? Yes. Beautifully made ? Most definitely. Cohesive vision? Absolutely. Editorial? 100%. Versatile , commercial and wearable? Not unles you are going to Embassy Gala parties and opening night of the Opera ( well, I do that stuff...)

Which one do I think won: Christian's. Which one did I like best? Chris March's. Which one would I wear? Chris's and Jillian's.

Which dissapointed? Rami's.

Which surprised in a good way? Chris's and Sweet P's.

Which looks would I like in my collection?

Sissybear's Blue graphic dress and goth velvet coat, Christian's cream ruched jacket, and there was a coat of Jillian's that was beautiful.

The one I MUST have?

Sissy's blue dress without a doubt.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now who wants to get me some steak and some chocolate?

Oh, and by the way.....

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Anonymous said...

я вот что скажу: мне понравилось... а82ч