Saturday, February 9, 2008

NY Fashion Week: Highlights and Hi-Lows

I have been writing a lot about Project Runway and I have kind of neglected to cover the rest of NY Fashion Week.

More than anything, I was waiting to see the photos of the show that closed the festivities and one of the most awaited ones: Marc Jacobs.

That boy knows how to throw a party and really, for years has been showing some of the most interesting and wearable clothes.

Everyone goes like, but doesn’t Marc Jacobs just make skinny-folk clothes?

Technically, yes. But who gives a flying FUCK who he had in mind when he conceived the clothes? Certainly not me. If the material has give, the cut flatters and the knit stretches, the clothes are magically plus.

That must really piss them off. But, yeah. I have a closet full of Marc Jacobs and Missoni and Moschino and Vivienne Westwood and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Partially because I love those clothes. And in big part, because I can only begin to imagine how irate the designers would be if they only knew an 18W girl with 48 inches worth of sweet ass, wears their clothes around the world. And she feels and IS hotter than any of the size negative 2’s they intended them for.

Me having and wearing gorgeous clothes verbotten for a woman my size is my way of telling the fashion and diet industry that I am NOT listening. That I will not waste my money or energy on their dictates and bullshit. They, like Margaret Cho once said , " can get down on their knees and not come up for breath until they have a P---Y mustache" as far as I am concerned. Nothing feels better than going into Saks or Neiman’s and trying designer clothes right along the size 2’s when you have NOT lost an ounce and wear those clothes RIGHT NOW. Not when you loose however many pounds. I just wish more women had the cojones to do just that. That they would spend their money on things that make them feel good and beautiful, instead of allowing themselves to be lied to, and to be oppressed, exploited, and belittled by the fashion and weight loss industries.

Some people might think I am anti-thin. I am not. But just imagine how a poor black woman who is working as a house cleaner feels about the woman in Park Avenue she works for. Or how a gay teen feels about the captain of the football team? The oppressed never love the oppresive class. No, I don’t envy thin people, or aspire to be them, or idealize them. I am just bidding my chance to overthrow them and change what is thought of as the ideal. And I am not the only one. It will be a cold day in hell when I change anything about myself. I need all my strenght because I am out to change the world.

But here are some of my favorite clothes from Fashion Week and the ones I think that women of any size can wear and will love:

Marc Jacobs:

By the way, this model is disturbing.... look at her chest and tell me she does not look like a chicken carcass...

I love the fluidity of these pants...

Ralph Lauren:

This one would look KILLER on me

This one is AWESOME

Zac Posen

Diane Von Furstenberg


I LOVE this one

Please don’t tell me that this one would not look INFINITELY better on a woman with breasts and hips... This little girl looks like she just came out of a Siberian Goulag..

This dress is SO perfect...

It is VILE that the world’s most notorious pro-ana freak, Rachel Zoe, is involved with this label which is SO flattering to women of all sizes.

Isn't the Fashion SS kind? They let this girl out of the Vernichtungslager so she could come walk the runway for Marchesa! Maybe they throw them a crust of moldy bread after the show.

I am so sorry but the next one would look much better on a normal woman than on this girl

Geezus Christ look at this one... EEEEWWWW. That girl looks on the verge of dying... not that that last one was not her bunk mate at Konzentratrionslager Auschwitz-Birkenau

This dress is a dream though...

Rag and Bone:

Marc by Marc Jacobs

This T-shirt will be mine....

Ohne Titel:

They make the coolest and most amazing suits around....

Proenza Schouler

I love those pants...

The Donna Karan

The Duchess

And that is about all the good and wearable stuff....

My favourite?

The Halston, The Ohne Titel, The Marchesa aqua dress, The Ralph Lauren and The Marc Jacobs "Hardcore" sweater....

Next... Toronto Fashion Week....

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