Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blogging PR Fashion Week:B-Yatch and Puppet Girl

I got to check out both Elisa Jimenez and Victorya Hong's Fashion Week shows and EEEEWWWWWW.

I am glad that I don't have to be nice.

Because they both were terrible in their own right.

Victorya did not show one single garment that was remarkable. People were being kind saying that the clothes were too "commercial". No, they are below par. For Macy's or Dillard's. These clothes are boring. boring and beyond boring, and not even all that well made.

As I commented in a blog, I have seen a billion student collections at a higher level of quality, conception and innovation. Example: Zac Posen and Proenza Schouler and every other student coming out of Central St. Martins. Shoot, even at ghetto-Mesa we can do better than that.

But I can show you the vulture ( that is what we call a really stinky poop in Mexico) better than I can tell you:

And that is the better one of the two....

Puppet Girl's was just.... sad.

There was no cohesion, no understanding, no explanation. There was not one wearable item, even though that is what she does.

There was no cohesive concept , no artistic statement nothing. All that was there was someone showing their "chones" like a 4 year old with a new twirly dress.

Some of these clothes were so poorly made I half suspect the seamstress was dropping acid during the construction process. Ok. There I go being nice and generous too. I am CONVINCED the seamstress was dropping acid while sewing the clothes. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Seriously, these people get to show their stuff on Fashion Week and get PRESS????

Now these, these are crocodiles... that is what we call floating turds in Mexico.

These are like the costumes for the Modern Dance recital at the Appalachian School of the Arts.

I think I designed more complex and aesthetically pleasing stuff than that at the age of 5. No, seriously.

Those two were execrable ( I hope this gallicism translates into English) efforts.

Now to finish the exercise in surrelism let me show you the tribute to a certain Sesame Street character that Heidi Klum wore to an event:

Does that make you think of mhhhhhhh COOKIES?

And these people are in fashion?

And more alarmingly... I got a C in Apparel Construction 1?

If this stuff is showing up at Fashion Week, the project I made for my class should have gotten me on the racks at Barney's.


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