Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eating Disorders: The True Epidemic

I try to only post fashion-related blogs on this page but I thought this was too important not to post....I posted it on my personal blog on myspace.

By now, every one knows that the so called "Obesity Epidemic" is a big hoax started by the CDC and NIH to increase their budget and grants and by the weight loss industry to increase their profits. They as much as admitted but not admitted to it. The maps, the "300,000 people a year die of "obesity" related causes.." all a lie that they refuse to redress because it's their cash cow. All done by so called public health and "obesity experts" who prostitute their credentials for lucrative consulting positions with companies that profit from inducing insecurities and health panic. These lies have been co-opted by the health authorities of most industrialized countries like Australia and the UK because the scientists and healthcare professionals saw the money that could be made from this and how it endows security to their careers.

The definition of what constitutes "overweight" and "obese" was changed to fit their agenda and the health risks of not being thin have been grossly exaggerated to produce society-wide hysteria and mass fatphobia.

But this world-wide obsession with thinness and weight loss has had a severely negative side-effect: an epidemic of bulimia and anorexia and self-hate, and often physicians contribute to trigger the onset of eating disordered behaviours in people, because of the well-documented and researched anti-fat prejudice prevalent throughout the healthcare industry.

I remember the first time I purged. I was 13. It was after a party my parents had where they had cooked my favourite food ever, goulash and spaetzle. I had been getting bullied to loose weight by my schoolmates, my mother, grandmother and my dance teachers since toddlerhood. I was having behavioural problems at school too, because of my parents marital issues. And the first thing the school psychologist recommended was that I go on a diet and loose weight. By then I had been already on multiple diets including Weight Watchers. I don't know how that was going to stop my dad from cheating on my mom or my mom from acting like character in a Shakespeare play, but that is what he said. My mom had been watching my food intake and calories pretty much since I moved from breast milk to solid foods because that's when I started displaying signs of "chubbiness". I remember my first day of kindergarden someone said upon seeing me : " Look! There 's a fat one!". From then on ( age 3 years and 6 months), I became "the fat one". By the way, I pretty much have crystal clear memories from age 18 months forwards. I remember the day my brother was born with perfect details, up to the dress my mom was wearing. I was 19 months.

But everyone was on me about it. This is what I ask myself: if my mom instead of a chubby guy, had gone out and made a baby with a black guy, would she have expected to have blue-eyed, blonde babies? Well, knowing her she would have. Or would she have, seeing that her babies were somewhat "Africanized" put on German TV shows and spoken German to them constantly in the hope that their eyes turn blue and their hair became blonde? Well, the answer to that is yes, because she keeps hoping for that. Despite me and my sister having dark brown eyes, and my brother marrying a dark-skinned, brown eyed woman and knowing full well that brown eyes and dark skin are dominant traits, every grand child that comes along, she keeps looking for the blue eyes. So far, my daughter is the whitest looking one. But yes, the other day she was egging me about getting blood glucose, thyroid and lipid profile tests. She keeps examining my food intake and the groceries I buy. And it is very frustrating and disatisfying, I am sure, because I eat healthier than most thin people and I am a NAZI about eating organic foods. My portions are very average. Yet, she asks, "Then why are you fat?????" Because I was BORN to be this way. I am the daughter of a chubby guy and your ass ain't thin either. I am genetically and physically incapable of being under 165 pounds without getting very sick and that, according to everyone who "matters", is still quite fat. But when you mate an Afghan dog with a St. Bernard, you do not expect little Greyhounds to pop out, do you? But people do that. Even doctors and scientists think that starvation will "cure" or "override" genetics. And they will go as far as participating in Mengele-style mutilation aka "bariatric surgery" to make people conform to the arbitrary standard.

The society-wide anorexic ideation has gotten so bad that children grow up thinking that loosing a limb is preferrable to gaining weight. People think that a woman who is 5'7 and weights 115 pounds is "healthy" and "curvy". Fuck, she is a sack of bones and only the ones of us who have recovered from eating disorders can see it.

For example... Perez Hilton posted this photo of Jenna Jameson commending her for looking "healthier". I am sorry but to the ones of us who don't look at people with Hollywood/NYC anorexia-trained goggles, she still looks like a starving sack of bones with silicone implants also known as a Rachel Zoe accolyte

If that is healthy looking, that I am a blue-eyed blonde!LOL.

But children have started developping eating disorders and eating disordered thinking at a younger and younger age. You can find 3 ad 4 year olds mortified about their fat rolls in pre-schools and 10 year olds anorexics in treatment centers across the country. Every weight loss commercial and every weight loss and "fitness" segment on TV is an eating disorder trigger waiting to happen.

Men are increasingly developing eating disorders and eating disordered thinking too and not just gay ones and athletes. I really hope that the world wakes up and STOPS this bullshit because having an eating disorder sucks. I am terrified of eating most of the time because many things make me throw up still. My esophagus is completely messed up and I have to watch what I eat all the time. After I quit abusing laxatives, it took me almost 6 months to have normal bowel function. I was really scared when I got pregnant because I did not know how me having a history of eating disorders was going to affect my baby.

And affect her it did, because now she worries about her weight and is convinced that she can be thin if she diets and watches her food hard enough. She says that I am the last example she would follow. He father is 6'5 and around 235 pounds.Quite muscular but a big boy. I am chubby and voluptuous and people keep filling her head with the poison and stupidity that she can be thin if she just eats only foods labelled "diet" and she starves herself enough?

I am fed up and disheartened and disgusted and I feel very helpless about fighting these lies. These lies that are hurting and killing people. People like me and my child. And I try and try and still do not make a dent or any difference.

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