Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogging Project Runway:The Brady Bunch Reunion

I watched the "Reunion" show last night and it was really a non-event.

Those to me are really the least interesting shows all season.

I mean, there are people I like in there as people, and people I admire as designers and people who encompass both categories, like Chris March.

But really I care little about their opinions of each other. I watch the show for the clothes and creativity. Geez, to me even the product placement is an annoyance and encumbering to the creative process. They could come up with WAY cooler challenges if they did not insist or waste energy and thought on pimping Hershey's or Levi's or Tres Semme or Weight Watchers or Slim Fast.

They have GREAT ratings, so I don't understand WHY they have to compromise the intergity of the show by the product placement. And I feel bad for Tim Gunn because they make him do all the PP and to me, it kind of takes away from his dignity and personna. I have not seen the same kind of over the top and vulgar and aggressive product placement on the franchise versions of the show like Project Catwalk or Project Runway Canada and to me that makes the shows better. They can actually focus on truly inventive challenges and not have to compromise or take on the advertisers point of views or "key marketing messages". Which sometimes are offensive to the viewers. Like in the "Weight Loss" challenge. I loved that Kevin Christiana called it for what it was.

I was kind of suprised about how sweet Sweet P really is and how AWESOME Elisa really is. I like that chick. I actually share a lot of beliefs with her.

And God, VictorYa'a personnality comes through as grating. And I loved Kevin, he is such a cool laid back guy.

I was SHOCKED Christian got viewer's favourite. I completely had that going to Chris March because he is so damned loveable. I love me some Sissybear.

But all in all, I want to see the finale because I want to see how the clothes moved and see the fashion shows without interruption.

I liked how Nina came through as more intelligent than evil, which is a good thing to see, and how Michael Kors actually seems more compassioante and has a sense of humour.

"Creative" editing blows and can really be unflattering.

I hate it when they turn a complex human being into a two-dimensional character. Like Ricky.

And that is pretty much all I have to say about the reunion show.

What they did with the two decoy collections on Fashion Week, really kind of runined the expectation about who is in the top 3. Who cares? They all showed at Bryant Park.

I am saying what they should do is cut out the product placement, source of extra revenue or not, do more focused challenges and go back to the format with more integrity of the first and second seasons or the franchise shows.

Money, indeed ruins everything.

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