Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Polyvores: Hommage to My Ex-Boyfriends..

I was obviously procrastinating although I got the outline for my scholarly paper finished and I made some new polyvores.

Following in the lead of my adored friend E who makes the most totally awesome and surrealsitic and dada polyvores, I let my hair down and decided to get funky and get down with my bad-self

The first one is about my feelings for my exes and other labcoat lotharios. For some reason Polyvore did not have any books on biostatistics and epidemiology or on evolutionary genetics or any pocket protectors in its image banks...I was also let down by the lack of decapitated poultry.This was entirely too cathartic ;-)

The second, and much less disturbing one, is inspired by Picasso's Blue Period...

The third one I made for Anti-Coulter with her stipulations of champagne dress and jeweltones and inspired by Sweet P's choice in the Art Challenge of Peacocks

The last one I made for a polyvore friend who is a harp played and needed something to wear for a wedding in which she was playing.

So, as you see, I can work with direction and stipulations for a client....

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