Friday, September 25, 2009

Styling a boyfriend jacket...

I was reading my favouritest new blog "Fashion Preserve", by the super amazing Christa Weil, author of the second hand shopping Bible "Second Hand Chic".
This woman is a fashion encyclopedia and I have learned so much from her and reading her book and blog.
She is doing this amazing series on how to style a boyfriend jacket and she was trying to do it for different body types and sizes.
Well, I thought I would post this picture of me in the boyfriend jacket and the way I styled it for plus-hourglass since the likelihood of finding something that on-trend, for plus and hourglass is the same as that of finding a real Birkin bag at the Goodwill for 15.99 ( we keep dreaming and looking though).
But I did it. Like Joy Nash says, fatshion requires even more creativity and imagination that skinny girl couture.
So here is the photo of me in the boyfriend trend:

I am wearing a real vintage men's jacket that I got at the Junior League's thrift shop, my Ashley Stewart skinny black jeans, a great plaid shirt I found for 14.99 at Rainbow, enamel flower earrings and heart necklace from Forever 21 and my trusty Kangol grey flannel newsboy hat. I am also wearing my black patent Converse but you cannot see them in the photo next to my Vivienne Westwood tribute DanyCalifornia Scion xB (I pimped my own ride with the help of all of my boy cousins in Tijuana, B.C).
The make-up includes the most awesome dark purple lipstick called "Confession" by Urban Decay which is uber-flattering but requires lip lining with a reverse lip liner. A great one I just discovered is DuWop's reverse lipliner. My blush is NARS Super Orgasm, Some Kind of Gorgeous by Benefit foundation, Sephora brand mascara, and Sephora liquid eye liner in sparkly black.
So you can see that trends can be done on the cheap and in plus.
Please visit and read Fashion Preserve ( . It's one of the best fashion blogs on the internet.


christa weil said...

AWESOME! You look great, I especially like the hat with the look . . . and thanks so much for the kind words . . . xC

Milla said...

Thank you so much :-)
You are welcome!
I love your blog and your books and I have learned so much from you.