Monday, September 28, 2009

Interior Design: My "Tim Burton" Living Room and Car

I think that if you are a creative person, you kind of automatically use all of your surroundings and everything you come across as canvas for expression.
I "customized" my car (2006 Scion xB) and turned it into a rolling tribute to the life and work of my favorite fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. Here are some photos:

The interiors are done in McQueen tartan (after Alexander McQueen) and I embellished with "Anarchy in the UK" and a Marx patch from her "Only Anarchists Are Pretty" collection. I added the chandelier and cherub fresco on the ceiling to emulate a t-shirt of hers I have with Renaissance art. She does a lot of skull jewelry so that is why my rims are skull-ish and her logo runs along the sides of my car, orb and all.

I live in an adorable little house in the Garden Hills part of the Buckhead neighbourhood of Atlanta. It's the part of Atlanta where the Real Housewives of Atlanta would not want to come because everything is kind of staid and forest like
and kind of European. Not shiny and huge and well, vulgar like New Money people like. New Money here lives in suburban subdivisions so they can have sprawling, obscenely large properties and make their wealth conspicuous.

Well, the space and the forest like surroundings reminded me a little of Snow White and a lot of Tim Burton's movies. When I first got here, it was the dead of winter and cold like a corpse's bum.

And all the Xmas decoration were on clearance. Which lead to my Gothic Ice, Tim Burton inspired living room with elements that speak to many of his movies: "Edward Scissorhands", "Batman", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Sweeney Todd", "The Corpse Bride".
My furniture is all the same one I have had for about 5 years now from Ikea and I just changed the pillows and slip covers. Got some lamps and a white, sparkly rug on clearance at Homegoods ( the TJ , TK for my British readers, Maxx for interiors)and some art that I have collected with my finds from the post-Xmas clearance sales (icicle lights, Xmas ornaments in vases, silver branches in arrangements).

The curtains are also home-made with about 12 dollars worth of fabric from Walmart.

Like Billy Shakespeare used to say "All world is a stage". I am out to be the set and costume designer of as much of it as I can be.


Mardell said...

I love you living room. It is awesome and so you.

Milla said...

Thank you Ms. Mardell :-)
I miss you. Things are progressing.
Had to put the Macy's thing on the freezer because they wanted (us) to be vendors (not design for them) and without backing, there is no way we can meet their price point (like 20 bucks a piece so that they would be 50 bucks wholesale).
Still working on another deal w/ someone else for another thing and trying to lure in one-on-one costuming design clients...
Love and I wish you were closer..

Kevyn Hagemann said...

It'd be interesting what Vivienne would say about your car. Yep, as a creative person, you'd use everything around you to use as a channel for your creation. Do you have more pictures of your car's interior? I take it that you bought this car either from a dealership, or from someone else. Good work!

Anonymous said...

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