Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sewing Project: Gothic Run Around Outfit

I seriously need sewing practice to review my basic skills since I have not sewn in over a year. See, I moved to London and put my sewing machine, patterns, and fabrics in storage and when I got back I moved to Atlanta, worked like a maniac , got really sick, had surgery and my machine was sitting there sad and lonely.
I have a learning disability kind of like dyslexia called dyscalculia. Most of my issues are with numbers to a lesser extent but mostly with visuospacial stuff, sequences, mechanical stuff and hand-eye coordination. And then I go and become a dancer and a scientist and a fashion designer...No one can tell me I am unwilling to take on a challenge.
When I sew (or drive or dance) I have to do it often or my brain "erases" the mechanics. My body has to know the motions by heart and tell my brain what comes next. And I have to be doubly careful when sewing straight seams and so on.
It's the same with algebra. I can do it. I just have to commit the process to muscle memory, like a dance routine.
That is why I am a slow sewer and why pattern making can be such a challenge for me and the reason why I cannot try out for Project Runway by myself.
So I am trying to get it back before I start sewing for other (actually paid, maybe) people.
So I am making a little "running around town" Gothic pant and tunic set.
Here is my pattern:

And here is the fashion fabric I am using for the the tunic:

I am adding ruffles with black and ecru crocheted lace and in a silk organza with skulls designer yardage from Thomas Wylde that I scored last year. I am also appliqueing ribbon lattices like Marc Jacobs did for the S/S '10 show... Like this:

Then I am doing the longest version of the bloomers in a black cotton twill with ruffles made from the fabric of the top, the skully organza and the laces.

For the drawstrings I am using black silk cording and little silver skull beads I got a while back....

I already cut the pattern pieces for the top. I will keep documenting my progress...

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