Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carmacoma: Plus Size Comme Des Garcons :-)

I recently discovered a new extremely cool plus size label (a very affordable one at that) hailing out of Denmark called Carmakoma.
They ship to the US and their clothes are fantastic. They have a very edgy, modern and on-trend aesthetic and a very Asian fusion inspiration. They kind of remind me of Comme Des Garcons.

Their online offerings are amazing and they have all the clothes I saw in straight sizes when I was recently in London and Paris.

Here is a little more about the designers, their philosophy and inspiration and the label:

Behind carmakoma we find the young Danish designer duo Weiss&Lykke that was formed at the acknowledged Danish design school Teko in Herning in 1997. From the beginning it was clear that Angelica Weiss and Heidie Lykke complemented each other well. They developed a close friendship and began working on a concept for their own line of clothing. Each of them having gathered experience from major Danish brands as Designers Remix, O by Isabell Kristensen, Junk de Luxe og mbyM they launched carmakoma in the summer of 2008.

Carmakoma er dansk design.
Carmakoma is Danish design. The Head Office is placed in Vejle, while the Design Office is located in Copenhagen. At the same time the style is rough and feminine, and all the collections are targeted at curvy women with charisma. It is of key value for carmakoma to create designs that give opportunity to style the clothes to suit your own mood and personality.

According to carmakoma fashion is closely linked with music. The inspiration comes mainly from music and the urban life of the world's metropoles, and all the clothes are created with special focus on slimming cuts and effects. The quality is high, the prices are competitive and all the collections reflect the hottest current trends.

Carmakoma is sold exclusively at carmakoma.com. The site is more than just a webshop, it is a unique fashion portal. You can find lots of styling tips that make it easy to find your own personal expression. Also you will find a size guide and competitions. And lots of facts and "behind the scenes"-clips, where you get close to the team behind the Danish fashion brand.

Dialogue with our customers is of major importance to carmakoma. Therefore, you can meet carmakoma at fairs, via internet blogs and in Denmark also via special VIP-nights. Altogether, this stresses the exclusivity that comes with choosing carmakoma.

The unique: The fit and the details. Carmakoma is able to unite the latest catwalk trends with a perfect fit.

The milestone: When carmakoma was chosen to participate in "Fashion Accelerator" - An EU-sponsored project promoting Danish fashion companies with international potential.

The vision: To make carmakoma the preferred brand for curvy women worldwide through constant development of both clothes and the personal and unique universe at carmakoma.com.

You can find and shop their fabulous clothes at www.carmakoma.com

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