Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewing Project: Gothic Run Around Outfit Part Zwei-Herr Rolf

I have been working on my Arkivestry Gothic Run Around Outfit, but I have run into a big problem....Rolf, my Bernina 1010 sewing machine, is not working and is under the weather. It probably needs to be re-adjusted because of the move to Atlanta. I got sick when I got here too. Leaving San Diego is entirely too painful, so I understand.
I named my machine Rolf after Rolf Snoeren from the design duo Viktor and Rolf, being that the machine is Swiss, Germanic and about the approximate age of both Rolf and I.

Here are photos of Rolf in my studio/apartment in San Diego where we were very happy:

And now in my little house in Atlanta:

I called my design BFF Mardell back in Diego to see if it was the machine or me, because I was having an impossible time winding the spool.

Well I did everything right, so it's Rolf being depressed.

She told me that when you move, sewing machines sometimes need to be re-adjusted. The woman is a sewing goddess :-)

I am taking it into the repair shop to get re-adjusted in the morning.

So far I have pulled out all the notions that I am using, have cut the fabric for the tunic top, and have laid out and pinned the ribbon lattice on the front pieces of the garment:

Here is the skull organza for the contrast ruffles:

Stay tuned....

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