Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dove Soap-Good Soap :-)

For a few years now Dove soap has had marketing campaigns aimed at boosting women and girl's self esteem and has created the Dove self-esteem fund contributing to causes that help enhance the self image and self esteem of women.
The spokesperson is a great lady that I am very proud to be internet friends with, the fabulous Ms. Jessica Weiner, author of " A Very Hungry Girl" and "Do I Look Fat in This?".
Ok, when I was studying medicine and science in Canada and working at hospitals, all the gynecologists and dermatologists that crossed my path always swore by Dove White soap because it has the perfect PH balance for the skin and those sensitive female bits (how clinical ;-) ).
Since I have been using Dove white soap exclusively for those purposes, I stopped having any issues and have recommended it to everyone who crosses my path with likewise results. Well that and complete chastity and monogamy and safe sex of course, for those who are lucky enough to remember what that is all about.
Well, firstly , I have to recommend reading Jessica Weiner's "Do I look Fat in This" book. I am reading it right now and it is chock full of wisdom and good advice for women.
Last full time gig I had, There was this group of 2-3 chicks. One of them, she did not have the best personality, but I think that was her biggest problem, was one of the most weight obsessed individuals I have come across. I mean 97% of everything I heard her say was about weight ( hers and other peoples), calories, diets, what she ate, what she did not... It was incessant and sad and annoying. And she was not the only one. One of the women in executive management was talking about her upcoming vacation and how her husband's sisters were going with them and were thin and perfect and how she had special ordered a skirt to her knees to wear over her bathing suit. I told her I wear a freaking bikini and I am bigger than her. Thin does not equal beautiful and my big body is as beautiful to me as any skinny one. I am not going to waste any time in my life hating my body. Her poor self image, led me to discover that she was plagued with a myriad insecurities (fairly well founded) and instead of facing her real issues (she is under-qualified for her position which she maintains through office politics) she focused on her body insecurities.
And it goes on and on... "The Language of Fat" is something that as women we really need to unlearn and in her book Jessica shows us the way.
Right now the Dove self-esteem fund is donating a dollar to causes that enhance women self-esteem when you enter the UPC code from a bar of Dove at

Here is Jessica Weiner's page on Simon and Schuster:

And The Dove Self-Esteem Fund's Campaign for Real Beauty site:

Here is a great video they produced:

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