Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NY Fashion Week : Costello Tagliapietra, Erin Fetherston, L.A.M.B, Marc Jacobs

I am covering highlights of my favorite shows from New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Why in a plus size blog would you ask? Don't those @#%^&*!!! hate ALL of us and think that we are less than roaches and they will not make clothes for us?
Well, a little. There is still a lot of stupid stigma in the fashion industry attached to not being alarmingly thin. Prejudice galore.But things are starting to turn around a little. For example, Erin Fetherston and Vivienne Tam recently made lines for QVC and yes, they went up to size 3X (and the quality is PRIMO... much better than the designer collections at Target, same price point). Plus... If they know that plus size women ARE indeed interested in on trend, well-designed clothing, designers are that much more likely to make it and buyers to stock it at stores.
As things are and I have it from the people who choose the vendors at major retialing outlets, they think that the "plus size woman" is afraid of taking on new trends and is not very interested in edgy, designer clothing.
I say NOT. I cannot be the only one who longs for Moschino and Comme and Marc Jacobs and L.A.M.B and House of Holland and Giles Deacon and who is completely revolted by the sight of shapeless Eileen Fisher clothing or another Nygard polyester business suit.
So here are some pictures and commentary of my favorite shows from NY Fashion Week...

Costello Tagliapietra's collection was happy, wearable and universally flattering. I can see these color trends influencing what women of any size will love to wear this upcoming Spring and Summer... Mango and Lemon :-)

I love L.A.M.B and I always have. Gwen Stefani's line always has that California Punk Edge that I so strongly respond to. I need rock and roll in my clothes and she gives it to me without failing but in a mature and grown up and refined way. It's Hot Topic for the grown woman and that is what my little black punk/goth heart so ardently desires...

Erin Fetherston makes clothes that are unfailingly adorable and romantic. Clothes for the 13 year old ballerina girl in me that lived for the beauty of her pointe shoes. Bows and rosettes. Exquisite pleating and gathering. Refined, Chanel-esque color palettes. Sometimes even the darkest of the Goths and the hardest punk of punk rockers wants to feel like a Parisian princess walking down the 16eme arrondissement.
I have personally checked out her QVC line and her plus sizes are very true to size (I took a 1X/18/20 and could be a fit model for that size if hourglass models were the standard ... I am 49-37-52) and they are BEAUTIFUL and the quality is divine.

Marc Jacobs can be hit or miss. Bu when he hits, he hits it out of the park. When I saw the outfit he did for the Costume Institute Gala for Madonna with the blue bunny ears I was mostly horrified.
The S/S 2010 collection was the opposite of that. With lingerie touches and a vintage, "artisanal" sensibility Marc won me back. These dresses and pants and jackets with their lace-like ruffling details remind me of a little shop I went to at the Rue du Temple in Paris many years ago called "A La Bonne Renommee" that made the most exquisite things. These clothes are truly confections and would be lovely on women of any size.

What I loved about Charlotte Ronson's collection are two things: One the fresh and romantic colour story. The second was that it is casual clothing well done. I love pale pink and black and I love the juxtaposition of a rock and roll sensibility with the softness of a ballerina.

These are all looks that with creativity and inspiration can all be adapted and worn by women of all sizes.

Stay tuned for coverage of my favourite collections from NY and London Fashion Weeks...

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