Thursday, October 1, 2009

Of Sensible Shoes...

I was doing my blog browsing and stopped by "Fashion Preserve". As usual, Christa had a great post on sensible shoes.
Sensible shoes are the only kind I can wear. I love the Manolos and the Giuseppe Zanotti's and Roger Vivier's and what not but as art, not something that can go on my feet if I am expected to either stand or walk upright.
I can walk on pointe on Capezio's better than on high heels and that has always been the case.
Since I was a dancer, my hips and gait are naturally turned out. So walking in heels gracefully has always required a significant degree of effort but for a short time in my life I was even able to dance hip hop (like Janet Jackson or MC Hammer, around that point in history) in 4 inch stilettos.
Two years ago, when I was in Recanati (close to Ancona, in the Marche region of Italy) for my baby sister's (her nickname is the Little Monkey)wedding, I had a really bad Naomi Campbell-esque accident. I was wearing 5 inch white and perspex platforms with a tie-died Monsoon dress for the collection Liz Hurley did for them. Here is a photo of me and Monkey in matching Fornarina T-shirts:

and of the Monsoon dress I wore:

The issue is the streets of Recanati are cobbled. My platform got caught between 2 stones and down I went like a fallen sequoia. I completely tore both of my lateral ligaments which were already damaged from dancing and teaching aerobics. I was six months either immobilized in a cast to my thigh or walking with crutches or a cane.

It took me almost a year to regain my normal gait and the ability to go up and down stairs in the London Underground, dance to Abba songs and all the normal things of daily life.

That means the only shoes for me are sensible shoes and since the choices are not many, that means I cannot exclude any option. I took photos of the ones I currently have on rotation:

From top to bottom, left to right:
Bakers' silver gladiator sandals, Sam Edelman beige loafer flats, Prada pointed suede oxfords, Cole Haan loafers, Isaac Mizrahi leopard ballet flats, Cole Haan gold kitten heels, Tokidoki for Fornarina sneakers, L.A.M.B sneakers, Converse black patent leather sneakers, Alexander McQueen for Puma sneakers, special edition Doc Martens with skull art, Naturalizer classic black pumps (for pharma job interviews exclusively. They make me feel like I am a saddistic Rabbi about to do a brissmillah on unsuspecting innocent puppies. I HATE conservative business clothing)and regular classic Doc Martens.

Being that this blog is all about Sanity in fashion, I thought this was a good subject. Very high heels, ill-fitting shoes and shoes that force poor posture and unhealthy gait is something that fashion often requires. I do not think that we have to sacrifice the health of our spine, limbs, feet and joints in order to be fabulous. Just ask any podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon.

There are a billion cool options for shoes that are sane and gorgeous and stylish. It's just a question of looking and thinking with your brain. Not Vogue's.


Karen said...

Nice shoes, nice pics... what else can I sayyyyy!

Milla said...

Yes.. specially the pic with the adorable little Monkey ;-)

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