Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glamour Pledge: To All The Girls (and Boys) I've Loved Before

Today was a great day in fashion history and in womenfolk's history. I was watching the Ellen show on the telly and who is on it but Kate Dillon, Crystal Renn, Lizzie Miller, Amy Lemons, Anansa Sims,Jennie Runk and Ashley Graham. If you have not heard, Lizzie Miller was the "model on page 194" in Glamour:

This photo has literally been the water-cooler topic at PR, marketing and advertising agencies worldwide because women all over have been confirming what we all have known for a long time: "Aspirational" marketing is dead. Dead and pronounced. Women are sick and tired of "aspiring". They just want to be. And they want more realistic and diverse representations of women in the media.
Women of all sizes are beautiful. We are tired of being directed to hate ourselves so that we can spend our hard-earned cash on products to stop the pain.
We want to feel beautiful and respected and valued.
All of us.
We will no longer be told what is a "healthy weight". If you are not sick, you are healthy, regardless of your weight. Period. That simple.
We will no longer be told that you can only be beautiful if you make it a full time job. We will no longer starve ourselves or take dangerous drugs or exercise our knees to arthritis or mutilate our bodies to please other people or to make them rich. It's a new day. Sell me something I actually need please.
Glamour has made a public commitment to diversity, size, ethnic, and otherwise which is a great step for a fashion magazine and for the fashion industry as a whole.
And they published this AMAZING photo to prove it:

I loved the manifesto that Glamour put out:

Well all of that could not have happened without the people that have been fighting in the trenches for years to bring awareness and justice to the issues of sizism, fatphobia, size acceptance and eating disorders.

These are awesome people that I would like to acknowledge:

-Marilynn Wann
-Kate Harding, Fillyjonk and Sweet Machine
-Paul Campos
-Joy Nash
-Velvet D'Amour
-Jessica Weiner
-Margaret Cho
-Cameryn Manheim
-Queen Latifah
-Kate Dillon
-Crystal Renn
-Any and all plus size fashion designers that have said yes, I will dress them including: Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Gianfranco Ferre, Calvin Klein, Kimora Lee Simmons, Pam and Gella at Juicy, T-Bags, Torrid, Max Mara, Zang Toi, Malan Breton, Fashion Overdose, Abbie Z, Jessica Svoboda, Anna Scholtz, Henry Jackson, Crystal Frazier, Bradley Bayou, Carmen Marc Valvo and the list goes on...
-The editors of the remembered and always loved Mode magazine including Ceslie Armstrong
- The ladies who publish great plus magazines including SKORCH and Plus Model (hey Maddy!) and blogs like Too Fat for Fashion, Fatshionista, Manolo for the Big Girl
-Magali Amadei and Claire Mysko at 5 Resolutions
-Jezebel, the blog

And the list goes on and on....

Thank you you guys! I think we have made a difference.

This may mean that maybe a girl like my daughter will grow up thinking that she is beautiful just the way she is and does not have to hate herself and hurt herself to please the world like her Mom did.

And that makes it all worth it :-)

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