Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ballyhoo Vintage: Amazing Plus Vintage

I have been looking for the Holy Grail for years. Amazing vintage plus size clothing. I am always looking and sometimes I stumble on treasures.
Finding beautiful vintage clothes in larger sizes is exactly like the quest for the holy grail. They have to be out there. There have always been larger people and they did not run around naked. As a matter of fact pre-1920, larger women would have had NICER clothing because being larger was a sign of wealth and lack of major disease.
It is difficult. But not impossible. I have found amazing stuff in my hunts. Lots of cashmere sweaters. An insanely gorgeous couture Laura Biagiotti dress from the '80's, a Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dress in one of her archival prints, tuxedo jackets, beaded evening bags.
I have been seeking for a vintage store with a good selection of 40's and 50's clothes in larger sizes and I stumbled onto Ballyhoo Vintage.
They have a GREAT inventory of mid-20th Century (40's through 60's) clothes in larger (but not above a modern 20W, I would say) clothes.
Here are some of examples:
1940s Polka Dot Party Dress. Approximately a modern size 12W-14W

1940s "Hi Ya Sailor" Cocktail Dress. Approximately a modern size 10W-12W

1930s Wool Suit with Dramatic Shoulders and Art Deco Styling. Approximately a modern 14W-16W

1940s Fitted Suit. Never worn! Approximately a modern 16W-18W

1950s Satin Cocktail Dress. Approximately a modern size 12W

1950s Sheer Rose Print Dress. Sheer nylon voile (you'll need a slip) with a soft yellow rose print. Pearly carved plastic buttons. Approximately a modern size 16W to 18 W.

Bold Red 1950s Gabardine Dress. Never worn! Approximately a modern 16W-18W.

MOD 1960s Cocktail Dress. Bold Black and White 1960s Paisley Print. Rayon acetate. Fun and frisky dress that's just begging to be taken out and, for Pete's sake, wear your boldest red lipstick! Never worn! Approximately a modern day 16W-18W

Ballyhoo Vintage clothing is patronized by movie studios and stylish celebrities ( the owner mentioned Andre 3000 when I talked to him).

You can visit their website at:

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