Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freaky Good Hair

There was this one really cool Asian chick that was in fashion school with me. I think her name was Crystal.
She had tattoo sleeves. Not tattoo prints on her shirts as in an Ed Hardy or Yellowman shirt but her arms are completely tattooed.
I LOVE tattoo art. I love for example Kat Von D or Pink and the way they carry their tattoo art.
I only have on itty bitty tattoo of vampire fangs on, let's call it, my lower hip where no one can see it.
I am tired of being a coward and wearing my weird on the inside for the sake of a career that really ... has hardly been a success. I am talking about the science and medical thing.
Why is it that I am expected to look like a stockbroker or a nerd or a school teacher? I know the same stuff about ICH GCPs, enzymes, protein inhibition, anti-angiogenics, anti-TNF's, dermatology, writing AMA style, Power Point... you name it, regardless of what I look like.
And I really resent having to look "conservative".
This is where Crystal comes in. I was complimenting her ink one day and I asked her if she was not worried she was going to have a hard time getting a job with all the visible tats.
She said that she had gotten them on purpose so she would never be tempted to get a job that would not accept her with her tats. I agree 300% and I so admire her courage and self-assuredness.
I have been keeping my look pretty mainstream for about 5 years because of my job and it makes me angry. It is like I have to give them everything.
So I decided to follow my heart. Since right now I do not have a pharma day job, I am going to look like me. This is what I have decided to do to my hair for a bit :

If I get any interviews they'll have to love me just the way I am.

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