Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MAC's "Style it Black" Collection

I have been doing make-up for both stage and street since High School.
I have worked on everything from guys who wanted to dress up for Halloween, a cross dressing High School pageant where I made up my drama teacher to look like "Lucky Star" Madonna, impromptu photo shoots, friends going on dates, plays, dance performances, you name it...
How did I learn? Reading fashion magazines like a fiend, becoming friends with make-up artists at cosmetics counters far and wide, reading great make-up books such as Francois Nars', Bobby Brown's and Kevyn Aucoyn's, I took a stage make-up class as a Theatre Arts elective in University and experimenting with stuff. All kinds of stuff from Ben Nye to Wet n' Wild to Chanel to Benefit to Maybelline.
One day I discovered MAC and there was no turning back. MAC is like the perfect middle ground between stage/fashion make-up and everyday/real life product.
They always have and set the latest trends in color cosmetics and have the edgy stuff I love.
Plus there are several other things I love about them, like their awesome and progressive employment policies, the fact that they started out as a Canadian-based company and their commitment to helping people with HIV/AIDS through the MAC AIDS FUND one of the biggest and most established non-profits working on helping initiatives that focus on improving the lives of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

As a person, I go several ways with make-up because my life is multidimensional.When I work at a regular office for my day job , I keep it fairly basic, professional, minimalistic and natural. Tinted moisturizer + concealer, mascara, eyebrow wax, brown/beige shadows, light blush and neutral lipstick or lip stain. 5 minutes and I am done.

In my private life I have a lot of fun. Mainly in the form of much more theatrical looks favoring Gothic, Punk, Retro or downright fantasy influences.
I went to a Cure concert once in full Kabuki make-up and created a fairy princess look with metallic greens and blues for a night at the Opera. On most days it's actually Goth-light or some version of a Glam-retro look.

MAC just released a Goth-tastic new line called "Style it Black" collection.

It has beautiful dark metallic shadows, a dreamy black waterproof eyeliner and my favorite: pitch black matte lipstick.

I am taking a make-up class this weekend with MAC to further my make-up artistry skills. Some people just like to tell other people what to do. Others like to know how to and be able to do everything.

You can find MAC products at MAC counters all over the world, stand alone stores and on their website at:


AICI Hong Kong Chapter said...

I used to be a fan of MAC as well but I have to share with people that outside of North America, they have made some very questionable decisions as far as distribution. I currentlylive in Hong Kong and they do not sell the darker shades of their range anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region. That's all of Asia and Australia/ New Zealand. There are plenty of darker people here (as a matter of fact the counters I went to in Sydney and Singapore both had very dark-skinned people working there) but they still refuse to sell the entire line anwhere on either continent. I think it is a BIG MISTAKE. Afer all, it lost them this customer. (Oh and I wrote them an email to tell them this story and they did not bother to reply).

Milla said...

Hey there...
Firstly, thank you for reading my blog. I am honored.
I am a big an of the company as it originated.
I had no idea that this was going on. In Canada, the US and the UK they seem really inclusive, progressive and compassionate.
I almost did my final Project on Business Ethics on them in graduate school.
But this was at least 5-6 years ago and things might have changed since they merged with Estee Lauder.
Many times great smaller companies get sucked in the bad policies of the larger conglomerates and loose their identity and what made them great in the first place.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

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