Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gothic Manicure-Minx

I needed a mood pick-me-upper yesterday. I am in a funk because of the job situation and very anxious.
So I went to get my eyebrows threaded and got a manicure to relax and cheer me up.
Since I left San Diego I have not been able to find an esthetician who "gets" my eyebrows right. In San Diego, Beverly at the Benefit Brow Bar did them and gave me the retro "Marilyn Monroe" eyebrows with dramatic arches I love:

Most estheticians just default to more modern shapes and moderate arches and it's not what I like best. I wish I could take Bev with me everywhere.

I really wanted to try a new product that has been getting a lot of buzz in the beauty press called Minx.
They are like vinyl decals with really cool designs including Alexander Henry prints (I saw the one with the sugar skulls) and metallics that they bond with heat and nail glue to your nails. The designs are very cool and the metallics the most true I have seen in any nail color product. But they do not come cheap. They are about 55 dollars a set. They also last about two weeks and they do not chip or scratch. The application is not the most comfortable thing on earth because they put your hands under a heat lamp at a pretty high temperature.

I did not want to commit to a full set because I just wanted to try them so I got OPI's "Witch Arm" on the rest of my nails ( since I am in a funk I am extra Goth right now) and got the Minx in black with silver spider webs on my thumbs.

Here is the end result:

I like them combined with polish as an accent. I also saw a couple of full sets applied and they seem to look and work best on the metallic designs and on long nails.

I think that they are a great idea for special occasions and they have great designs for bridal etc.
Since they are pricey and they are not exactly subtle, it is not the nail treatment I would do on a regular basis. But as an occasional pop or accent or for a party? They are awesome and a great idea.


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