Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogging Project Runway: News and Tickety-Tack and Femenine Hygiene

News from the Project Runway front:

There will be no new show until February 6th.

At that time there will be a show involving the Divas of the WWE... Yes, you guys you heard me well. They are having an episode focusing on skanky wrestling hoes.

I think that this is an all time bottom for Project Runway and next they are going to go to Fantasy Foxx (on Mansfield Hwy, Ft. Worth, TX) or House of Babes on I-35 South by where Kelly Clarkson's parents live, to find their next set of fashionistas for a challenge.


The only piece of advice I have for them is to not go into the dressing rooms without a can of Febreeze or they are going to toss their cookies. Unless they enjoy decomposing seafood....Purell after measuring them would not hurt either.

Here is a preview....

Which means that the final show is not going to show until AFTER NY Fashion Week is over with and there will either be a double elimination or a decoy collection or both.

On other fronts it looks like Victorya with a Y as in byatch is showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week separately from the Project Runway designers.

I will keep blogging and will report any emerging developments...



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