Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogging Project Runway: Blue Jean, I Just Met a Girl Named ...

Todays episode really started out and finished by putting me through a total Labyrinth of emotions. Firstly, it really pissed me off because my super duper favourite model this season, the most awesome and cool and brave Marie, my ballerina- punk- goddess -from -Texas kindred spirit, got auffed. BOLLOCKS!!!! I HATE that!

So, Cream-filled Berliner tells the designers that they are going on a field trip and Sir Tim ( my future husband/Svengali) takes the designers to some warehouse on a pier across the Brooklyn bridge. There they meet some lady that I've never heard of before and please let me introduce you to a new song Jay McCarroll wrote that will save me from explaining, and that shall be referred to from now on forward as "song , all toghether now...":


product product product product


product product product product

(repeat chorus 7 million times until your brain bleeds)

So, the lady is the VP of something or another at Levi's and what they have in the nasty, filthy ass warehouse are gajillions of Levi's 501 jeans, jean jackets and some plain cotton yardage ( basically muslin) and that is what they have to make an iconic look out of.

Sounds good in principle. I actually love denim. But working from existing garments and on top of it having to BRAND everything with the notions provided by the ( *advertiser*) nice Levi's lady... Ewww...( Note : Project Runway, I love you. Lots. But you having W W advertising on your website and canoodling with the WL milkshake people* , the reason for "What's the Skinny" challenge, is really grossing me out, you can fool some peeps some of the time but not someone who works in advertising).

Many unexpected things happened on the runway this week. Ch, Ch, Ch , Ch.. Changes... But without further due let the Fashion speak for itself...

Darling Sissybear

I actually really liked this look and disagreed with the judges putting it in the bottom three. The construction is actually interesting and palatable. I would personally have tried to be innovative and used a longer hemline. I am growing tired of short dresses, but otherwise this is a cool little dress.


I CANNOT bloody believe this dress won! Barring that it fit well, there was nothing new or iconic in that dress. I have seen strippers in Texas wear that dress around the floor at an asspit ( stripper vernacular for titty bar). It was NOTHING to write home about. This dress screamed bottom three. Risky must be doing some (one) thing to stay on this long, to win this challenge and to have the judges creamy over this thing.

TAG Riff Raff Rami who just proved to me that Palestinian queens do indeed swoosh when they walk... He can shake that sweet boothey fo'sho.

Ok, so the construction is incredibly interesting and like his Orange Crushness himself once said "This is quite soigne". It is. It is tailored and sophisticated and refined. Innovative? Nope. Yet again another short dress/skirt thing. But I really liked the use of zippers in the pipping (hello Jeffrey Sebellia, how's it going? Miss ya babe!), the neckline and how he played with proportion. And his model, Golly, geezus, that girl is just mezmerizing. If anyone is going to be a breakout star this season, it should be this girl and someone should offer her a cover.

Victorya with a Y

Come on girl... You can do better than this. Like I said before, I could have done this. Seriously. And on top of it the execution is sloppy. Well-deserved elimination for Queen Bitch. Absolute Beginner, no doubt.

Sweet P

This is actually beautiful and well-executed. Sweet P keeps redeeming herself and getting better every week. The graphic effect she achieved with the different washes of denim is remarkable. Very impressionist and cool. I am SO glad she listened to Sir Tim and edited her design. I actually loved this. As I said, Sweet P works well Under Pressure.

Magenta/ Jillian

Basically, the same coat as last week, except... not as good. And held up toghether with glue! And I kind of hate the "epaulettes/stripes" logos thingies. They feel gratuitous. And for the love of God girl, we ALL get hurt and bleed like stabbed pigs when sewing under time constraints. Stop being such a baby about it. This look definitely did not give me "The Hunger" of the one last week. Just another "futuristic" Space Oddity.

Chicken ( Polly Pocket/ Princess Puffysleeves/ Ferosh-ious )

This to me was yet again the winning look. Chicken keeps bringing on innovative ideas and absolutely mind-blowing tailoring and construction skills. This boy has VISION. Those jeans, people will be on waiting lists for from here to Tokyo to Amsterdam to Warsaw. The jacket is new and fresh and sexy and sharp. Chicken yet again managed to blow the competition away.Chicken, you are my hero forever and ever...

So for now, I have to chase the Moonage Dream. This Rebel Rebel is going to bed... Until next week...Let's Dance!

*I edited the entry, blog title and about me section because it was triggering WL adsense adds. THE LAST thing I want is WL companies advertising on my page...

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