Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogging Project Catwalk: Rule Britannia

Project Runway addicts, meet your next addiction...

After bringing you the JOY that was Project Runway Canada, it is my distinct pleasure to bring you Project Catwalk, the UK's version of the Project Runway franchise.

In this version of the show, the Heidi-host role is filled by Kelly Osborne who having lost entirely too much weight, has a face that is completely incongrous with her body. She should gain the weight back. Right now she makes no sense.

The Tim Gunn mentor-role is filled by incredible, yet slightly fuddy-duddy British designer Ben De Lissi who is best known for dressing Kate Winslet for award shows. He really makes beautiful quality clothes. Not trend-setting but beautiful. I have been trawling for his stuff at Charity and Consignment shops and on eBay for ages. British fashion is my personnal specialty and the focus of my collecting, just like my Dad who was a stamp collector focused only on British stamps.

What I am really liking about these overseas versions of the show is that they use design industry veterans who are masterful technical designers as the mentors. As much as I love Tim Gunn, and God knows everyone knows I do, he is not a fashion designer. Thus, technical questions during the creative process do not receive needed attention which then leads to problems in execution.

One of the judges is 60's phenom designer Zandra Rhodes who along with Biba, Ozzy Clark and Mary Quant led the London fashion avant-garde in the 60's. I am personnaly not that fond of her stuff and of that period in fashion history because I favour tailored and structured silhouettes, but their contributions to the field were innovative and important. She also happens to base herself out of San Diego part of the year, and often hires interns here. I was admitted to FCC ( Fashion Careers College) a couple of years ago and she is honorary faculty there. I decided to attend Mesa College instead because I could not see paying 16k in tuition a year.I will overpay for school again when I apply to school in Paris or to Central St.

This is going to piss the US constituency, but the fashion talent in London and the schools there are overwhelmingly superior to the ones here. I mean Central St Martins was the Alma Matter of Zac Posen, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney, Phillip Treacy, Sophia Kokosalaki and almost everyone running a major fashion house today. So given the choice between Parson's or Central St, it's Central St. all the way. Plus they are the only ones who have a fashion journalism Master's Program.

In this 1st episode ( this is apparently their 3rd season) they are given the same "Clothes off their backs" challenge as the kids from Project Runway Canada.

Without further due, here is the show....

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