Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogging Project Runway: Chicken A La King!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED today's episode! What a truly inspired and delicious recipe.

It was like a cross between an Haute Couture show and a black hair show and a lot of what is happening now in fashion. You take a conceptual couture look, that no one except Natalia Vodianova would wear for an editorial in Vogue and then you re-interpret its character and essence for a more realistic and wearable Pret-a-Porter ( ready-to-wear) market.

I knew that both Polly Pocket, that Jay McCarroll( in a complete stroke of genius re-baptized as the Chicken Lady, and Chis March better known now as Sissybear would do MAGNIFICENTLY at a couture challenge. I was not dissapointed.

But I was incredibly surprised by how things transpired in the Project Runway kitchen. I am not particularly fond of Victorya with a y as in byatch, and although I am incredibly impressed with Jillian construction skills, I had not seen her put forward something truly amazing.

I also thought that in the judges eyes, (Riff Raff )( pardon) TAG Rami could do no wrong.

But without further due, let the slicing and dicing begin...

Team FIIIIIIIIIIIIIERCE (Sexy Chris March and Chicken a la King of the World)!!!!!!!!!

This, this was a couture tour-de-force. Probably the best couture-type piece ever seen in Project Runway history. 45 motherfreaking yards of motherfreaking organza. Every trick in the book. Wire structures, corsetting, gathering out the ying-yang, everything finished impeccably, the whole 9-yards! This is what fashion is all about. This could have come off the runway of McQueen, Lacroix or Galliano. Chicken and Bear... I AM NOT WORTHY AND AT THY FEET I PROSTRATE MY LOWLY FASHION STUDENT SELF! PLEASE ALLOW ME TO WORSHIP THY GREATNESS AND BASK IN THY GLORY!

Although the skirt's tailoring was not completely impeccable, the blouse, the colour and the ruffling in the blouse perfectly captured the airy and romantic quality of the couture piece. The whole look was well-enough contructed and tailored and styled impeccably. All around a meal worthy of Escoffier.

Team Blood, Sweat and Tears ( Kit-Kat and Risky)

They get asked for a couture, Avant-garde piece and they give me this???? This looks like a Quincenera dress if the girl had been really poor and could only afford to make her dress out of remnants. There was nothing right about this dress although the construction was not dismal. This is like a McDonalds ice cream cone.

This dress reminds me of part of a prayer we say in Mexico " Y a los pobrecitos de mayor necesidad..." That means" to the really poor and disposessed with major needs".... This dress looks really poor. It is a very easy contruction. Shit, I could make it. Enough said. 1st semester Apparel construction.

Kit was expelled with syrup of ipecac, which I thought was unfair since Ricky deserved to be purged way more.

( Geezus, food and hurling.... former bulimic much?)

Team Fembot Type A 2000 ( Victorya with a Y and Magenta who finally displayed human emotion and left planet Vulcan)

Oh, my sweet Lord, I want those clothes and I want them NOW. That coat, blouse and pants are SO ME it is not even funny. THAT is what I would wear to a gala event. Everything wat impeccably contructed, detailed and designed. That coat was GORGEOUS. This I would wear tomorrow because it is ME ( and my car). This is the most lucious chicken korma with a pint of Guinness with black currant and some raspberry triffle. And a shot of Frangellico as a cordial.

For being as last thought as it was, this was a commendable effort and it had a similar spirit as the couture piece.

Team Riff-Pea ( TAG Rami who was a little schitzy type A pain in the ass tonight and Sweet P who almost lost it but works well under pressure)

God that model is distractingly gorgeous....But the clothes were not. One day, thinking I had put toghether this totally avant garde look, I wore this dress with these skinny, tailored pants and when I got to the office the guys went WTF??? my boss asked me: "What kind of couture office pajamas are you wearing today?" ( God I miss that man). Somedays I push the enveloppe and that day I made one of my RARE fashion don'ts. But that is exactly what this feels like. It is not a complete fug, but 1) it's starting to feel like a one trick pony and 2) it's like it just does not have direction. This is like this thing I eat in Tijuana when I am feeling naughty. It has japanese peanuts, chopped cucumbers, pickled pig's skin, chamoy liquid, lime juice and a bunch of other icky stuff and it's called churrilocos. Completely nonsensical, all over the place and very self-congratulatory.

Sweet Pea's dress is actually the stronger piece this week. This is sweet, well-made and very wearable. I liked it much better than Rami's churrilocos couture opera pajamas thing. That other one was exactly what someone like Cameron Diaz would wear on the red carpet and be all over the papers next day because she was such a don't.

Well, this was an awesome challenge and I feel completely sated for the evening.

Until next week, Bon Appetit!


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