Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zero+Maria Cornejo Fashion Week Review

And here is another one of those purloined articles... I am so glad I posted them on myspace before I posted them there...

Maria Cornejo is a fashion industry veteran and a native of Chile, a country s rich in natural beauty and whose culture is influenced by myriad of European influxes and a rich and complex history that has given rise to amazing artists and particularly, poets.

Chileans call their country paĆ­s de poetas—land of poets. Gabriela Mistral was the first Chilean to win a Nobel Prize for Literature (1945). Chile's most famous poet, however, is Pablo Neruda, who also won the Nobel Prize for Literature (1971) and is world-renowned for his extensive library of works on romance, nature, and politics. Maria Cornejo's work reflects that poetic tradition.

Maria's career spans London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo where she was part of the ground-breaking design partnership Richmond Cornejo and developed her own signature "Maria Cornejo" collection. She also worked as a creative consultant for major retailers like Joseph, Tehen and Jigsaw.

In 1996, Maria and her family moved to New York where in 1997, she transformed a raw space in Nolita into an atelier and a store. Her uncompromising and very personal approach has gained her a loyal following and high praise from clients like Tilda Swinton, Michelle Williams and Cindy Sherman. It has been said of her work - "In Maria Cornejo's hands, minimalism is not a bland word . . . her clothes have a sleek sophistication and always a sense of surprise."

The Zero + Maria Cornejo collection is presented bi-annually during New York Fashion Week and in Milan and Paris. The line is sold in leading stores around the world such as Barneys New York, Holt Renfrew Toronto & Montreal; Ikram Chicago and Blake Chicago; Weathervane Santa Monica; Grocery Store and Mac San Francisco; Dover Street Market London; Joyce Boutique Hong Kong and Villa Moda in Dubai.

For Spring 2008, Zero + Maria Cornejo presents an organic, minimal and romantic proposition inspired by nature, especially water.

Her clothes are directional, yet classic, fresh and timeless. They seamlessly merge into the classic American sportswear tradition lending it a new, fresh perspective.

The pastoral imagery translated on the runway into colorful pieces and interesting textural contrasts such a tangerine sweater dress, a chartreuse cocooning cardigan and several outstanding pieces in navy and royal blue interpreted in lacquered materials that were clearly reminiscent of the reflective qualities of light on a body of water.

These looks, despite their natural and organic inspiration, are perfect for a hot summer in the city, and some of the most wearable and covetable pieces for today's fashion conscious urban dweller.

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