Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blogging Project Runway Canada: I called it a week ago part Deux

So, am I good or what?

Last week I predicted who were the designers from the show that were going to Toronto's L'Oreal Fashion Week (LOFW. There is a reason so many abbreviations and accronyms are used in medical and scientific writing, I guess).

I also called the winner.

For this week's challenge, the designers had to create a dress for Iman to wear to the fashion show at LOFW.

Iman has a very distinctive style. You pretty much can design an Iman dress from the top of your head.

Tailored, form-fitting dress, to the knee, in sober or jewel colour and shiny expensive fabric, with nice drape.

That's it. Like Diane Keaton's foppish menswear in the earlu 80's or Cher's ove the-top beaded Bob Mackie's. You know an Iman dress when you see one. It was just a question of who did the best version of it in the time alloted.

So here are the ouvre-bouches for LOFW...


This is insane gorgeous, and for the time alloted, a masterpiece. The construction and tailoring are immaculate and the lattice detailing brutal work, absolutely exquisite, and in impeccable taste.

Marie Genevieve:

She barely squeezed in. The construction is ok, but it is another black dress. not more, no less. There is nothing distinctive or spectacular about the design.


This is very beautiful too, and representative of Lucian's sexy tendencies. Actually, from a design perspective his and Biddell's dresses have almost identical silhouettes. The things that differentiates them are in the detailing and design elements like the bodice treatment, such as the bustier detailing in lace in this one versus the sweatheart neckline on Biddell's. The colour is very similar in both and seriously, it totally must have come down to a question of taste on Iman's part. Personally, I think Biddell's design in this case was more innovative, intricate and sophisticated. But I err on the side of the elegant not the sexy. This was the challenge winner.


I told you that he had been plagued with construction problems and that was going to be his swan song. As far as design, this dress is not much different from the others but the precision of the fit and tailoring are what made all the difference in the world. Notice the fabric gathering around the hips. That should not happen with that dress if it had been properly fitted. So as predicted, Stephen was eliminated.

I cannot wait to see the full collections for the season finale. I am very excited to see them, particularly Biddell's and Lucian's .

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