Sunday, December 16, 2007

Teletubbies Baby Sun Jacket Photos +Update

I wanted to show everyone where I am at.

I had to go back to the drawing table for the applique in the back.

The lame I was usuing was unraveling so bad, it was desintegrating and looking mangy. I am going to replace it with a lurex/tweed or a gold satin I pilfered from the sewing room.

So here is the jacket hanging on my closet door:

And here is the back so you can see that:

Here is a detail of the padstitching handwork on the lapel:

And undercollar and collar stand:

As you can appreciate, it was also completely hand-catchstitched. This is the shit that they don't do on Project Runway. This is only done in the most expensive of garments like Chanel couture.

This is the jacket as it is now on me on the front:

And the princess seams in the back:

The hem is still to be done but pretty much the fit around my boobs and waist is impeccable.

Here is also a detail from the pocket:

It is made of origami folds.

Considering it is the third garment I actually sew, I think it is pretty rocking.

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