Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogging Project Runway Canada: E=MC2

I posted the results of Biddell winning the show last night but I had not gotten to see the collections.

Now that I have, I am sorry but I tend to disagree with the judges decision and can confidently assert that the results for the Project Runway franchise have become formulaic, thus the blog title. Jay vs Kara Saun anyone?

The quirky, rebellious, designer takes it over the designer who is literaly, perfect.

Maybe it's because they want to encourage vision or point of view or innovation, but in this case Lucian's collection had those things in spades too.

I also can say that I am one of the most open-minded fashion writers around and that I am incredibly objective in my critiques. I tend towards the avant-garde and not the conservative. But I am also incredibly demanding from the perspective of wearability and construction standards. And that is what in the end made me think that Lucian deserved the win more than Biddell.

So here are the photos...


It's cute and interesting but mind-blowing?

Why another "Revenge of the Sikh" Hoodie?

I think this piece was the saving grace of the collection. It is absolutely gorgeous.

This was lovely too. Will only work on a flat chested woman, but the detail on hem and waist is beautiful.

This is just....not right.

or this? What can I say?

This I actually like this. You would have to be 13 years old to wear those short shorts, but the construction is perfect.

Another hoodie.

And another

Now this is beautiful....

All in all except for the fascination with the futuristic hoodie, I was needing a bit more cohesion and maturity throughout.

Marie Genevivieve Cyr


I am getting less and less scared about trying out for the show


Remember I said it was simply not on the same level?

Two words: Pregnant Bridesmaid

This is actually kind of nice.... Drea can sell the shit out of ANYTHING.

Mummies in Outer Space?

I actually like this one. Reminds me of japanese deconstructionism or dutch designers or even Norma Kamali.

I am bored

Nice but not incredible


This is beautiful. It is immaculately made, Dreamy, and utterly wearable. I could put on those clothes. At my size 18, minus the hat , and they would look as perfect as they do on the model.

I would have skipped on the sheerness on top, but otherwise, amazing.

The jacket is is a feat of architecture and tailoring. The skirt, pure poetry...

This dress... This dress is perfection. ANY woman in the planet could wear this and look and feel beautiful. Were the judges blind? Don't they know what will actually SELL?

For the love of God, this is cut on the bias, it's romantic, artistic, the collection has cohesion. This is just... incredible.

I am not as fond of this one from that view, but as far as construction and interest go, it can't be faulted.

That trench is STUNNING. The bikini is beautiful. I would actually wear the bikini top under a sheer blouse with some high waisted pants and a beautiful jacket.

That skirt, that skirt is like...butter.

I love how the fabric moves in this dress but I am not a big fan of the Empire silhouette.

This is gorgeous. Yes, a bit Galliano, but there is NOTHING wrong with looking like Galliano.

This is just...beautiful.

Look at the back of that trench coat.... Were the judges on acid???? That is PERFECT.

See, when I look at clothes I put myself in a billion pairs of shoes.

The shoes of a designer looking for artistry and innovation. The shoes of a fashion student looking for construction skill and crafstmanship. The shoes of a fashion editor looking for something that is going to excite my readership and make them want to go to the store and spend their mortgage on that dress. The shoes of the head buyer at Holt Renfrew, or Barney's NY ,or Saks Fifth Avenue and I look for something that the women who buy at my store are going to want to be on a waistlist for. And above all, I look at things and put myself in the shoes of the woman who wears those clothes, once they finally are interpreted for the downstream market. What would make me look beautiful? Which would I actually spend a part of my VERY hard earnt paycheck on? Which ones would make the people catch their breath when I enter a room ?

And when I put all of those factors and views toghether, I can say without a doubt, that Lucian Matis' clothes are the ones I would go without food for.

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