Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blogging Project Runway:The Fierce, the Furious and The Gram Positive-Updated

Today's challenge was kind of a sore spot for me on many levels.

I LOATHE it when people celebrate weight loss and make it seem like an accomplishment and gloat and smile over those numbers as if they were their GPA or their MCAT scores.

Weight loss is not an accomplishment. It is a bodily function. No more, no less. Just like weight gain. Except you are unnaturaly forcing a bodily process. It is like taking laxatives or diuretics.Just making your body do something it does not really want to do. And being that bodies tend to want to re-establish homeostasis ( a big word that means normal state) most people that loose weight (98% in fact) will regain it all and then some within 5 years. Even the ones who get gastric bypasses gain it back.

So when you gain back the weight after all the hoopla and socially-enforced euphoria, the let down and the depression and the self-loathing multiplies exponentially. And of course after you loose and regain, your risk for a miriad of conditions also exponentially increases, and it turns out that more than if you had kept the weight on in the first place.

I have lost a total of close to 300 pounds in my life. And I am not thin so you get the picture.

Just today, I made a doctor's appointment and the first thing I told the nurse/receptionist is that I am not to be weighted or to have weight loss mentionned to me in any way whatsoever. And I told her that if they do, I walk out. Her mouth was slack. But ultimately the choices of how my body and health are managed are mine. My body, my choice and I take that to heart. My body is not the country's, It's not my family's and it is not my doctor's or the AMA's. They don't live in it, I do. So I decide what goes or does not go into it or what is or is not done to it. No one else.

It also pisses me off that they call non-model/movie star/celebritute women "the everyday woman". NONE of us are everyday. Each and everyone of us is as exceptional, fabulous and valuable as Kate Moss or Nicole Kidman. I live my life everyday as if I was a star. Fierceness and fabulosity are in your heart and your soul not on your bank account, dress size or the number of people who know who you are.

One of the developments of today's show was that Jack left because he developed MRSA on his lip. MRSA is becoming a serious problem and no longer just among the immunocompromised. So at the very least,the positive impact that this might have, is that people are going to Google MRSA and become more educated about it. By the way the SA in MRSA, is Staphylococcus aureus which is a gram-positive bacteria, ergo the title. For my class project in clinical micro many years ago, I developped a strain of Vancomycin-resistant Staph. And it was SCARY how easy to do it was and how ELEGANT the process is. I freaked my fellow students and professor out and we are all very glad the incinerator was only a few steps away.

So the challenge was to make new, fashion-forward everyday outfits for these women out of their most cherished pre-weight loss outfit.

Also Chris came back on the show. I think Chris is lovely but I did not think bringing him back was fair.

After this edition of Milla's School of Medicine grand rounds, let the dissection begin....


Cute dress, decently done, no major flaws. Am I blown over? Not really. The only things that really impressed me was that she got the fabric for 99.9% of the dress for 10 bucks.


If I had a dollar for everytime I have seen this extremely tired suburban mom outfit, my student loans would be history. It looks decently made though and so far the cleanest construction and most wearable outfit that Risky has shown.


There was a sound reason the dude was eliminated. The dude is sweet and I like him, but he has the taste level of an 8 year-old girl. Today he does "Sailor Moon".


What will it be next episode, Belle or Ariel?


This is really impeccable. The construction standard is as good as anything you will find at your Saks or Neiman's . It is current, fresh and very wearable. It is Marc Jacobs meets Alexander McQueen. There is a reason I have been in awe of little Poindexter ( also known as Polly Pocket) since day one. His tailoring skillz are MAD. It was about time the judges stopped dissin' him.


This woman falls from my grace further and further. This is to me, more hideous than the original plus-size dress it was made out of. And THAT is bad. Shoot, she could not even fit it correctly. When you cannot improve on a commercial plus-size garment, you need to go back to school and declare pre-med. They LOVE perfectionistic, high-achieving, control-freaks. She would totally fit in.


Freaky-dicky girlfriend is back to her old shenanigans.He construction skills are much better than I thought they were, specially is she is hand-sewing everything but from the design perspective this is awful The circus ringmaster look is never a good one.

Kit Pistol:

Construction 9, design 5. This looks like it came off the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe. Enough said.


Creative and well-made ( it was made out of a banana yellow blazer) , the chickie liked it and I have no major complaints except I am beyond OVER leggings.It was very cute otherwise.


Why did I get a craving for turkey and cranberries as soon as I saw this dress? Oh, yeah, Imperialist acquired cultural reference...This outfit from the Mayflower collection was painful in every aspect starting from the fact that it was hemmed with glue. That in itself is enough to kill my sartorial hard-on.The fit, the triteness and the Barbara "mother of the THING" pearls made me run into the bathroom, madly seeking for a Vogue with LOTS of Demarchelier photos to restore my aroused state (my Hustler). Like we say is Mexico about granny panties, this is a passion killer. The elimination was well-deserved.

The Ambiguously Gay Rami:

Very well constructed, extremely well-fitting and very cute detailing, with the Mme.Gres-style draping hommage that has become the trademark of TAG Rami. All in all a very respectable effort. TAG Rami is going to take it to the end. Mazeltov!

Sweet P:

No eggregious construction flaws. Design? nothing that I would put in a Vogue editorial or that I would make a bee line for at the store.

So until next week, it's time to suture up , write up the discharge orders and go dream of a George Clooney/Noah Wyle lab coat sandwich because there is only one thing better than a gorgeous man in a lab coat: TWO gorgeous men in lab coats.

Now let me leave you with this tasty video morsel from Jack posted via my sweet angels from Project Rungay.

This is like th BEST video EVER and something that I have ALWAYS dreamed of doing which goes to prove that I am gayer than gay too.

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