Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Called it: My Projection for Winners in PR and PRC

I posted this one on my official myspace blog about a week ago so I am reposting in here.
I correctly picked who would show at L'Oreal Fashion Week for Project Runway Canada.
I also think correctly picked the winner.
I am pretty sure I am also on the ball for the US edition of Project Runway...
December 6, 2007 - Thursday

Project Runway and Project Runway Canada: Who Will Win
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Both shows are far along enough that I can predict fairly safely who goes to Fashion Week ( L'Oreal and Olympus, respectively) in both shows.

Project Runway Canada: It's down to the top 4, so it's pretty safe to say that since Stephen has had construction and design issues throughout, the top 3 that will show in Torontah Fashion Week are:

-Bidell- He is this incarnation's Santino/Jeffrey/JayMcCaroll

-Lucian-He is the Kara Saun/Laura Bennett

-Marie Genevieve-She is the Uli/Chloe Dao

Who wins?

Speculation: Conspiracy theorists would argue that Lucian because of his relationship with reality Television. He was previously on and was the featured final runway designer for Canada's Next Top Model.

In my opinion? Biddell or Lucian take the cake with Biddell edging in manner of Barak at this point.

Regular Project Runway:

The Top 4 ( if ,like last year, there are indeed 4) will be:

-Rami: Pretty much a done deal

-Jillian-This week's win solidified it

-Christian-If he doesn't, it would be robbery

-Jack- Sentimental favourite unless he leaves the show before it ends (Multiple spoilers and NYC sources have reported that Jack is the 5th contestant to bite the dust alleging HIV related bias. I have heard that during the season Jack developed a bad case of staph infection). and if he does....Sweet P takes his place. Or Steven might pull an Andrae.

Who wins? Barring Christian being immaculate on the Runway collection or Rami sucking it up to high heaven at Olympus Fashion Week, Rami takes the cake. Christian is this season's Daniel Vosovic. He's brilliant but they will think that he's too young too win.

What do you think?



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