Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sweeney Todd Sketch 4 +Mad Crazy Work

I just finished the 4th sketch for the collection.

Only one left.

This one I had to paper doll ( cut out of the sheet to glue on the board right away)

It has a denim bustle skirt made out of three different denims, a trompe l'oeuil corset long sleeved t-shirt, victorian boots and "La Sirene" Veve Tote bag.

It was HARD because of the pose. I had no experience doing a 3/4 back pose but it was the best way to show off a bustle. She also has dreadlocks ( inspired by Lisa Bonet) and a newsboy hat in the distressed paisley corduroy of the vest in the first look.

I paper-dolled the first three looks for the center board for my presentation.

I need to do the two side pannels ( with my fabrics, colour story and two other looks) and add my spec sheet along with the market study info.

Lots of Work...

But here are the pictures...

This is just crazy...

I hope you like it thus far...


tehkou said...

I'm sorry to say that I'm not as fond of this one. I like the bag and you've done a nice job of rendering a very difficult pose, but the silhouette feels more country/western than Victorian, and I think the pose upstages the outfit a little. (As challenging and as wonderfully rendered as the back of the skirt is, I would've liked to see the front of the blouse, which clearly has something interesting going on in it.)

But once again, I think you've done a wonderful job of rendering the fabrics, and I putting them against the black paper really brings out the whole of the look. Very anxious to see how the fifth look caps it all off.

(Please don't think I'm hatin' -- I critique because I love.)

Milla said...

Thank you...
I don't take it badly at all.
It helps.
It really was a toss of the coin with this pose.
I HAVE to do two 3/4 figures.
And on this one I had the choice of showing more of the top with a 3/4 front pose or showing the bustle in the skirt, but then I would have 3 opposite angle figures and two front 3/4 figures, which I think would not have been as interesting from a composition standpoint.
The last one has to be a 3/4 front. Which I dislike. I am not fond of 3/4's I like opposite angle much better.
I think you might be getting country /western vibe because of the denim and you are only seeing one bit of the front of the skirt.
The front only has the bottom-most ruffle. The ruffles in the back work as a bustle.
It looks almost exactly like the first of Helena Bonham Carter's costumes in the movie except with a j-zipper, pockets and a more constructed waist treatment.
so maybe the pose really did not do the garments justice in this case, but since I could only do a 3/4 pose, I was kind of in a tight spot...
Thank you for the input though....
It is helpful...