Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cojucaru Vs. Tim Gunn...

Steven Cojucaru, the dude that does red carpet reports and pimps stuff for several mags a la InStyle, happens to be from my Monty. That is Montreal. My adoptive hometown where I was happy for the first time in my life.

Everyone knows I spent a big chunk of my life there for school

I believe he hails from Notre Dame de Grace and he went to Dawson which is the best known fashion program there...

I've hear he might have gone to Concordia too.

I went to Universite de Montreal which is like the francophone version of Howard or Spellman I guess, from the way we are treated in comparison to the anglophone schools, McGill and Concordia, even though the academic standards at Universite de Montreal , Laval and Sherbrooke are higher than at the Anglophone schools which cater to Americans that want to come over to study or do research or "experience the culture"... bitches ( like my gays would say) if you want to experience the culture, try writing a thesis on neurochemistry IN FRENCH, yo! When I tell people I went to school in Montreal they always assume I went to McGill. Well, if I had wanted to go to a school that believes itself to be an Ivy League school, I would have applied to an Ivy League school.

I did. Yale and Dartmouth. Could not afford it and they told me that...LOL

And they ALWAYS shrug their snooty noses when I say my alma mater is UdeM. No WONDER the francophones and the Parti Quebequois ressent the hell out of the snooty West Island anglophones.

But Cojo and The Gunn had a thrown down in Torontah, ON and guess who packed the house? Here an article from the post...

A fashion fanatic faceoff

Style mavericks compete for an audience at The Elle Show

Shinan Govani, National Post Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

..Peter J. Thompson, National Post

Could it be that Canada has more love for a catty Carly Simon-resembling runway reporter with a kidney transplant and lots of lip balm than it does for a silver-haired sophisticate with a knack for really big words and a BFF named Heidi?

It would appear so. Over the weekend, it was a matchup, so to speak, of contemporary gay male icons sprung from TV-land. Two icons from varying points on the gay grid, but two icons nonetheless. Red carpet guru Steven Cojocaru and Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn, that's who. Both were both booked for that three dimensional fashion event known as The Elle Show; both came, both gamely gabbed. But only one of 'em -- we're looking at you, Cojo -- packed the house.

"He must have had four times the crowd," reports a spy, comparing the turnout at Toronto's Exhibition Place for Steven vs. Tim.

A case of home-country advantage? Cojo was born and raised in Montreal, after all. Or just proof that, were the culture a big Winners, more people would be buying from the you-go-girl, Elton John-gay aisle than they would be from the drawing room-perfect, Noel Coward-gay aisle? Perhaps, perhaps.

OK, this is what else we hear. Cojo, the ex-pat now based in L.A., arrived solo for his presentation on Saturday (while his parents were actually checking out a Winners store!). In addition to sharing his views on plastic surgery done well ( Demi Moore) and not-so-well ( Meg Ryan), he weighed in on red carpet hits and misses. Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow are his true loves, but Mariah Carey he can do without. Indeed, he said something along the lines of the singer being the worst-dressed woman in Hollywood. Indeed, he also warned the teens in the audience about holding Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in high esteem, referring to them as "stupid girls."

Tim Gunn's turn, meanwhile, was on Sunday, the next day. After grabbing breakfast at One in The Hazelton -- you can't give style counsel on an empty stomach, you know -- he appeared at the show where he shared his personal taste philosophy. There were, I'm told, some pretty passionate Project Runway fans lined up for photos and autographs -- and so, if the quantity wasn't there, at least the quality was.


-That TV-titan-turned-Zoomer-soothsayer Moses Znaimer -- out now to spread the gospel of the ripened time-of-their-life set -- had this ageing scoop to share recently with TV's CBC News Sunday. "I have news for you," he declared. "The eyes start to go at 18."

-That nighlife poobahs Nick Di Donato and Charles Khabouth were out doing the intimate-dinner thing last Saturday with friends and family at their joint, new, tingly restaurant, Spice Route. Tomorrow, the King West spot grandly opens.

-That Rosalie Sharp, a.k.a. Mrs. Four Seasons, is the special honouree at this week's Rose Ball, held annually by the St. George's Society, Toronto's oldest charity. All the proceeds from this year's gala? They're going to OCAD, the art college (she's a grad!).


-Cussin' celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay searching, to no avail, for his lost Air Canada luggage at Toronto's Pearson Airport over le weekend.

-Sailors, rowers and runners (think Bruny Surin) are among those expected at The Bay's big Olympic apparel launch tonight.

- Hilary Swank and Richard Gere shooting a scene the other day for Amelia -- that flying biopic -- outside the Fairmont Royal York.

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