Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sweeney Todd Collection: The Pulled From The Bum Look

I finished the 5th look for the collection.

I was going to do the filthy Victorian "Mrs. Lovett's Pies" dress but once I started I realized that it made no sense with the rest of the collection.

It was long, toile de joy, jade and simply did not fit in with the rest of the separates.

So in true Project Runway fashion, I had to pull a 5th look out of my bum im no time flat and with no previous plans.

But that is what good designers do.

I had to make sure I used again fabrics that I had used and that it it fit in seamlessly with the rest of the collection.

And it had to be a 3/4 front look.

So I did a short floked velvet denim pantaloon-jean with a denim jacket with a peplus made of the denim with the gold print and with organza/satin ribbon trim on the 3/4 sleeves. I added the tank top I had on the leather trench coat look and created brown velvet court shoes with gold embroidery and a large "Erzuli Freda" Veve hobo bag.

I got the idea for the last one from Sasha Baron Cohen's costume in the movie.

So here are the pictures and the whole collection...

Now I only have to do the last two flats and put everything on the boards...

Geezus... I can't believe I go it done!


tehkou said...

Oh, I'm loving that final look. Good job on the pose. The collection all together looks great!

Milla said...

Thank you!
Now I just have to finish the technical flats for the whole thing, add my colour story and fabric samples and decorate the boards.
That and finish my database for fashion history...
I am so TIRED...
On top of it, I am interviewing for pharma jobs...