Friday, November 30, 2007

Teletubbies Baby Sun jacket-The Birth of a Couture Piece

Now that I have a camera, I can show everyone the joys of creating a garment from inpiration to finished product.

A tailored jacket is a labour of love.

And this one is coming along amazingly... Specially for me the idiot-savant of fashion. I say that because I am encyclopedic in my knowledge but I am a totally novice seamstress...

So here is my machine, the very serviceable Bernina 1010 known to home economics classes the world over :

And here are my scissors... Leopard print Ginghers... Rock and Roll....

And here are the fabrics:

100% wool cashmere tweed, 100% silk charmeuse, cotton for my interface and stays and gold-freaking-lame for details in the back treatment:

Here is the hair canvas interface for the front of the jacket with the shoulder reinforcement and the carrier strips. The roll line still needs to be sewn in and it still needs to be pad stitched on the lapels


Here is the front of the jacket in the fabric. The dart has been sewn in but the pocket and roll line need to be put in:

The these are both pieces the way they go toghether:

And here is the back of the jacket ( the treatment aka the cool artsy part) needs to be put in...) Please note the awesome princess seams:

And this is a view of the inside of the back with the stays:

As you can see, an Haute Couture tailored jacket is a work of art and a LOT of work to make....

I am about 45% through...

Will keep blogging on the process...

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