Friday, November 30, 2007

La Mode Target: Bowie Goes Fashion!

I was checking out the auctions for 7th on Sale on eBay and I came across this AMAZING new fashion line... for MEN.

David Bowie, yes, David "I'M NOT WORTHY" Bowie has associated with Keanan Duffty who does amazing stuff anyways and they are doing a line at....TARGET!!!!

This is a match made in heaven and everything is SUPER affordable.

Many of the pieces would look great on girls too and since they are men's sizes, yes, they will fit plus!!!!!


So here are some of the pieces:

Bowie by Keanan Duffty for Target-- Rebel Tee

Rebel rebel T shirt

Woven shirt


Thermal Shirt

Striped vest

Tux Jacket

Puffy Vest

Trench coat...

This line is BRILLIANT and the best I have seen coming from Target designer lines in a while...

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Plus Size Designer Clothes said...

I love them! So fashionable. Are those dresses available as plus size clothing?