Friday, November 30, 2007

Blogging Project Runway: Once "Bitten", Twice Shy...

So today's challenge was judged and set by SJP. The "Sex in the City" chickadee and former Annie. To me at her best in the Witches Disney movie singing the creepy "Come Little Children I'll Take You Away..."

Personally, fashion ICON??? Not much. She is too skinny and she tries WAY too hard to be "quirky" or "classic". I own many of the pieces she wore in "SITC" including a pair of prototype Chanel earrings that are to die for. I swear to GOD, the Decades people are going to be stalking my obituary.

But I like her approach to her line at Steve and Barry's and I like even more than it goes up to a size 22.

Considering the budget they had to contend with (15 bucks.. THE FUCK??), the designers did really a decent job.

Two things that all around bothered me were: only short hem lenghts ( not everyone will wear coochie-baring skirts or has great thighs or knees) and NO ONE did pants. When you have not so great legs, pants are a Godsend. Plus they are way more wearable than dresses or skirts.

So let the slaughter begin...


I have seen, bought and worn this outfit in two decades. It's serviceable and whatever. But nothing that makes me run to the store. As far as construction and execution, a very decent job, particularly because of the top's collar.


Beautifully executed, specially for the budget and time frame. That it was in the bottom 2 makes me want to vomit. I hate that it was so short and would have extended the dress to mid calf and the jacket to the hip with a slightly looser fit. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MUGLER OR THE '80s. BITE ME.


That's a cute dress and it is decently done. Actually flattering to most body types. Nothing that will sell out and cause lines but does not suck.


The cape, the lenght, the spitting. I do not understand!!! Why this was in the top two and Christian's in the bottom 2 is the conundrum of the decade. Either that or the judges decided to commune and eat peyote before the show. My guess is as good as yours.


Tres boring. But they get two thimbles up for finishing and working so well with stretch knits. I wish they would have done the top in a lighter or brighter colour so we could appreciate the detailing.


It is a cute outfit. But it will NOT WORK ON A LARGER FIGURE. Too short and too tent-y. Sooowy! The sleeves and vest are adorable though and it is well-done.


This is the bastard child of my kitchen mop, a potato sack and a "Flashdance" moment gone, badly, badly wrong.

The fit is poor. The colour is drab. It is unflattering and gives the hanger with a sinus rhythm middle rolls that she is not lucky enough to own. There is nothing in there to like or to commend.

I am still saying that Elisa (bless her heart and cookiness) needs to go. I would NOT dare get on the show without knowing how to use a sewing machine. It would be like wanting to be a Medical Writer and not knowing how to use Word or PubMed. She did ok on this challenge because Sweet P had her back and finished the garments for her and because Marion's sucked so hard everyone else's looked better relative to it.

But I am still with Christian.

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