Sunday, September 14, 2008

London Fashion Week: Ozzie Clark and more

Well everyone, I am at the press tent for London fashion week.

I think the best thing so far has been the protest that was happening outside. A flock of absolutely FABULOUS plus size compatriots were dancing to Mika's " Big Girl You are Beautiful" dressed in very Harajuku Super Kawaii outfits. That and the MAC press lounge which is divine. They do touch ups to your make out and have a glorious gift/swag bag with awesome MAC stuff.

I am wearing a very Goth/Alice in Wonderland inspired getup. My Marc by Marc Jacobs polka-dot pinafore dress and Tarina Tarantino skull jewelry with black leggings and my Kitson Zebra and Patent ballet flats.

My make-up is to die for. Black smokey eye and pale sugar frosted lips.

The girls at the MAC lounge were ADORABLE.

Another business altoghether with the Ozzy Clark catwalk show.

Some PR bizziches acting in manner of " Studio 54" doormen, were deeming who from the press was and was not worthy of getting in, particularly a rude duckfaced woman named Bianca.

I was reminded of those days back in the mid-80's when we used to stand outside of Mexico City's most popular club called " Magic Circus" begging some a-hole that under ordinary circumstances would have been our driver or gardener to let us in ..we would go " Juan-Jo, Juan-Jo" begging for his attention and he acting like he was motherfucking St. Peter, waiting to open the gates of Heaven.

It's a FASHION SHOW people!!! If we are press, you SHOULD be grateful.

We are there to review your clothes and are making people think in a positive or negative way about your product.

Turns out most of the catwalk shows are by invitation only.

Otherwise you need to deal with the Juan-Jo little witches.

I think my fashion website is probably the only objective source of fashion information since I am not sponsored by ANYONE.

Thus, my opinion and that of the people that contribute for my site is completely unbiased.

We are like the PLOS or Mother Jones of fashion.

When I look at and review a designer's clothes, I do so on their merit alone.

And you'd think people would value that....

Well, I did not get into Ozzie Clark.

I think I am trying to get into PPQ.

What I do know, is that I am not standing for an hour outside a tent begging some bitch on a power trip to let me in only to be sent away after an hour of waiting.

Shit, now my feet are swollen. If I get DVT, I am billing Ozzie Clark's PR company for the medical treatment....

Stay tuned to see if I actually get into any of the catwalk shows...or I have to watch them all from the press exhibition tent...


Michelle said...

Good luck!!

Milla said...

I tried...
I guess next year I have to query the PR chicksundtwinks for invites to the catwalk shows a month in advance. Since I am not a "RT" celeb. Just a humble internet personnality...LOL
And unlike Peaches Geldorf, I ACTUALLY WRITE about fashion and can sew, sketch and design. And designers, some very good ones, actually ask me for and respect my opinion greatly.
But my daddy was only a coorporate law attorney and not a rock star...
Not the same cache to cash in, I guess.
If there is a London Fashion Week next year.
Seems NY Fashion Week ( aka. Fern) has been throwing a hissy-fit and might cut London down. Well, maybe Fern and Anna. I guess someone is afraid to share the limelight.

Michelle said...

I had no idea who Peaches Geldof was and had to look her up. But jaysus, she sounds like an annoying twit. I hate how people in our society keep being practically revered just for being born rich and skinny. Blech!