Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tyra and Weight Issues: Babe.. Walk The Walk

I just got through doing a phone interview with a company and watching an episode of the Tyra Banks show about extreme dieting and eating disorders.
It is a HUGE issue.
Yes, she has made it a point to have plus size models on ANTM.
Only one who was on skinny side of plus won ... How about a 16 or 18 winning Ty-Ty?
Size 8 is NOT PLUS regardless how much the anorexic minded media thinks it is.
Size 8 is WAY below normal, let alone plus.
When I was at the height of anorexic/bulimic behaviour I was between a 5 and a 9.
And people still said I was "obese". Seriously.
I was killing myself to get there and stay there and thin I was stupid and miserable. I could not think and I was depressed because I never had enough to eat.
So here is Tyra chastising these eating disordered girls with body hate issues about their stomach pumping and obsession with weight loss.
And yet... she says that "eating healthy and exercising have been proven effective to loose weight". NO THEY HAVE NOT. 98% of people who loose weight through diet and exercise gain it all back and then add some within 5 years.
And the biggest problem is WHY SHOULD WE LOOSE ANY WEIGHT?
If she is saying that you can be healthy and happy and love yourself at any weight WHY does she promote weight loss at all?
And the worst of the worst is the COMMERCIALS...
Guess who bought time during Tyra's show on eating disorders and dysfunctional weight loss habits? L.A Weight Loss.
If Tyra really beliefs in health and self esteem at any size, she should NOT take a penny from ANY weight loss company or product.
And she herself should not participate on ANY weight loss programs.
There was a pretty strong rumour during Fashion Week that Miss Tyra was on Alli and had to run into a tent to change her pants because of "leakage'.
She also has had people from Weight Watchers on her show and damn if they have not run the Latifah -Jenny Craig bullshit "size healthy" commercial too. How about Health and size have NOTHING to do with each other and other people's health should be NONE of our business. And NOTHING can gurantee your health. Not even if you LIVED at the Mayo Clinic.
What I am saying is that if Tyra wants to be an advocate for size acceptance and self esteem, she should walk the walk and NOT promote weight loss and NOT take a penny from companies profiting from inducing self-hate and insecurities in women.
So sister... let's get on the real side of real... it's time to walk the walk.
I have Google Ad-Sense on my all-fashion blog on blogger.
I have blocked all adds from weigth loss companies from showing on my blog.
And I desperately need the money.
But I also need my conscience.

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