Thursday, June 5, 2008

Looking For a Position In The Fashion Industry

Hello Readers,
I am sending out this open invitation because I am looking to transition full-time into the fashion industry.
I am looking for positions in either Editorial or Design capacities.
I have close to 20 years of experience as a writer and editor and, as is evidenced in this blog, my knowledge of the fashion industry at many levels is extensive.
I am seeking internships as a design assistant in women's wear, shoes or accesories and a position with a company with a focus on plus sizes or the luxury market (or ideally both like Marina Rinaldi or Elena Miro) would be the perfect match. I am fully available to work in major cities and need no visas to work in either the US, Mexico, or any EU country including the UK because I am a EU citizen.
You can see samples of my work as a designer and fashion writer and editor throughout this blog.
I would sincerely appreciate all networking, leads, and recommendations because it's extremely hard to break into this industry when making a lateral move from another field.
Please feel free to ask for additional of better photos of my design work or a copy of my resume.
Thank you in advance,

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